Automatic Tray Filling Machines

Yamato’s tray-filling machines work in tandem with Yamato Dataweigh™ Combination Scales in order to produce a fully automated weighing and filling machine system, specifically for food products like leafy greens.

Yamato offers two different types of automatic tray-filling packaging machines, the Yamato Automatic Diving Funnel (ADF) and the Yamato Multi-Point Depositor (MPD).

How Do They Work?

Once the product is weighed by a Yamato combination scale, these food depositors place the pre-weighed product into cups, bowls, trays, and containers of all shapes and sizes. Featuring rugged, stainless-steel designs, these hygienic-forward pieces of automated packaging equipment bring improved food safety to the facilities they are installed in.


Our automatic tray-filling machines are specifically designed and ideal for packaging almost all types of food products.

The Yamato Automatic Diving Funnel (ADF) has revolutionized filling leafy greens into trays for the CEA industry. The Yamato Multi-Point Depositor (MPD) can be used to fill trays of all sizes, including trays for individual snack packs and toppings trays for salad kits.

Food Packaging Applications:

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