Yamato Dataweigh™ Combination Scales are designed to handle cheese of all types including shredded, diced, cubed, grated, and crumbled. Modified scales are designed specifically for the cheese industry to provide high amplitude drive and accuracy. We have a range of models suitable for VFFS, HFFS, bulk boxes, bags, and cup and tray lines.

Yamato was the first in the industry to offer a 3A Dairy-certified multihead weigher that is fully compliant with USDA Dairy Sanitation Standards. Expanding on our expertise in cheese, the Yamato Triplex 3A Series can significantly increase packaging line output on shredded cheese applications. This weighing solution uses all Yamato’s advanced software systems like Automatic Feed Control (AFC) and staggered dump to optimize performance for the best possible speed, accuracy, and efficiency.

When paired with a scale, the Yamato Multi-Point Depositor is an ideal solution for filling trays and single-serve snack trays with cheese products.

Yamato commercial scales are ideal for sliced cheeses in supermarkets and delis, as well for portion control or batching needs.

Yamato can weigh:

  • Shredded cheese of all types
  • Diced cheese of all types
  • Cubed cheese of all types
  • Crumbled cheese of all types
  • Grated cheese of all types
  • Shaved cheese of all types
  • Sliced cheese of all types

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