Industrial Scales

Yamato manufactures and sells industrial scales that are designed to support very high target weights and weigh large amounts of bulk product at once, while still delivering the same high speed and supreme accuracy as all other Yamato weighing solutions. Make your processes more efficient, and save time and money with one of Yamato’s industrial weighing scales.

Yamato’s industrial scales for bulk products are the Gravimetric Flex Weigher (Multihead Bulk Weigher) and the Packer Scale (Bulk Scale).


Yamato’s industrial scales are designed to weigh a variety of different products and can be used for a variety of different applications. Products that our industrial scales are designed to weigh include dry, free-flowing grains, granules, and powders like rice, corn, pet food, salt, sugar, and more. Weighed products can be dropped and packaged into bags, boxes, gaylords, and totes of all sizes.

Would you like help determining which Yamato industrial scale is best suited for your application, or not sure if these scales are right for the material you are weighing? Contact us to get connected with a weighing expert today. Or, view our different industrial weighing solutions by clicking on the scales below.