Dataweigh™ Combination Scales (Multihead Weighers)

We’re the leader in weighing technology for food packaging. Yamato Dataweigh™ Combination Scales, otherwise known as multihead weighers, or automatic weighing and filling machines, offer high accuracy and high speed to increase your productivity and bottom line.

In food packaging, multihead weighers drop a predetermined target weight of product into diverse types of packaging using multiple heads at a time. (Hence the name, multihead.) These heads are sometimes referred to as buckets. The multihead scale uses the best available combination of buckets to drop the most accurate weighment possible to achieve the desired target weight for the product being packaged.

Whether you call it a combination scale or multihead weigher, Yamato’s automatic weighing packing machines can quickly weigh and fill a wide variety of foods and materials with very high accuracy. Our multihead weighers can weigh and fill anything from frozen foods, meats, poultry, seafood, cereals, and granules to fresh herbs, leafy greens, and much more.

Not sure where to start? Read our guide for choosing the right combination scale for your application or contact us.

Yamato Combination Scales & Multihead Weighing Machines

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