Packer Scale (Bulk Weight Scale)

Your bulk weighing solution for powder and bulk solid packaging.

Applications & Features

Bulk Weight Scale (Packer Scale by Yamato)

Bulk weighing capacity by conventional two-line systems can now be achieved by one line. The Yamato FNL-308NCC bulk weight scale is a high-speed packer industrial scale that offers safe, stable, and above all, clean loading of powder and bulk solids.

A separate weighing zone prevents any mechanical interference or contamination from foreign materials, ensuring product remains clean. With the Yamato FNL-308CC bulk weigher packing scale, installation space is conserved, line operation times are shortened, power usage is cut, and even maintenance times are reduced, helping to decrease overall running costs.

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Bulk Weight Scale (Packer Scale by Yamato) In Factory

Yamato Packer Scale (Bulk Weight Scale) Features:

  • Target Weights:
    • Best for target weights ranging from 33lbs(15kg) to 66lbs(30kg)
  • Contaminant-Free Design:
    • All sliding parts and discharge components are separate from the product weighing zone
    • Servo-motor-driven cut gate controls product flow
  • Faster Speeds, Better Accuracy
    • Dribble feed ensures accuracy
    • Up to 1000 weighments per hour, ±0.9oz(25g) at 55lbs(25kg)
  • Easy to Operate
    • User-friendly HMI
    • Programming is intuitive

This Bulk Weight Scale is for Weighing:

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