Multi-Point Depositor (MPD)

Eliminate labor used to portion and fill containers and improve food safety.

Yamato’s Multi-Point Depositor (MPD) provides cost savings and improves efficiency when filling rigid or semi-rigid containers. It works in tandem with a Yamato combination scale and easily integrates into a packaging line.

Multi-Point Depositor

The Yamato MPD takes weighed product and deposits it cleanly into trays. This eliminates effort typically used to portion and fill containers by hand, allowing you to reduce labor and risk, and improve productivity and food safety.

Contact us to learn more about integrating a Yamato Multi-Point Depositor into your packaging process.

Equipment Features:

  • Single-source integration with Yamato scales for seamless implementation
  • Compatible with various packaging formats including cups, preform trays, thermoform trays, and more
  • Configurable to different tray patterns
  • High-sanitary design for improved food safety
  • Tool-free assembly and teardown for easy changeover and cleaning
  • A parts cart is available to make the cleaning process even easier

For Packaging: