Gravimetric Flex Weigher

The fastest, most accurate bulk weigher, offering the greatest flexibility available.

Designed with four weigh heads to support target weights that range between 11lbs to 44lbs(5kg to 20kg), the Gravimetric Flex Weigher (GFW) offers high speed with supreme accuracy. At 11lbs(5kg), the GFW-1104CC scale can operate at up to 60 weighments per minute, ±0.2oz(5g). To support a range of target weights, this scale can operate in single, double, or quattro mode. In single mode, this scale can support 11lb(5kg) target weights at up to 60 weighments per minute. In double shift, the scale can run 22lb(10kg) target weights, up to 30 weighments per minute. In quattro mode, the scale can support 44lb(20kg) target weights at 15 weighments per minute.

GFW Features:

  • Target Weights:
    • Best for target weights ranging from 11lbs(5kg) to 44lbs(20kg)
  • High Speed & Supreme Accuracy:
    • A stepper motor seamlessly controls the cut gate on each bucket
    • A variety of weigh buckets are available based on product specifications
  • Flexibility with Target Weight
    • 11lbs(5kg): 1 weigh head, 4 individual dumps, up to 60 wpm
    • 22lbs(10kg: 2 weigh heads, 2 dumps, up to 30 wpm
    • 44lbs(20kg): 4 weigh heads, 1 dump, up to15 wpm
  • Simple Cleaning
    • Tool-less removal and attachment of internal components
    • IP65 equivalent – wash with water
  • Intuitive User Interface
    • 10.4-inch color touchscreen
    • Store up to 50 programs

For Weighing:

  • Rice, Dried beans
  • Quinoa, Corn
  • Coffee beans
  • Wood pellets
  • Bird seed
  • Pet food
  • Sugar
  • Powdered detergent