Yamato combination scales have large weigh buckets capable of handling chicken leg quarters and full butterflied chicken breasts. Special poultry feed pans prevent large pieces from backing up and a programmable auto-tare feature accounts for product buildup in the weigh buckets. Hygienic washdown scales help you maintain your production sanitation standards necessary in the food industry.

All Yamato scales integrate with VFFS or HFFS for various packaging styles as well as pre-made bag, tray, cup, tub, jar, and bowl lines.

When paired with a combination scale, the Yamato Multi-Point Depositor is an ideal solution for filling trays and single-serve snack trays with poultry products.

Yamato can weigh:

  • Bone-in and boneless chicken pieces
  • Fully cooked/chilled chicken
  • Processed poultry like chicken breasts, thighs, strips, tenders, nuggets, etc.

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