Combination Scales for Cannabis

At Yamato, our rich history of automation is at the core of our industry-leading combination scales. We specialize in advanced cannabis weighing machines that can effortlessly handle an array of cannabis products – from flowers to edibles.

Our robust cannabis packaging equipment is centered around our pioneering multihead weighers, meticulously designed to ensure unparalleled accuracy down to the thousandth of a gram. Don’t compromise on your automation. Partner with the best. Partner with Yamato and empower your business with our cutting-edge cannabis scales for packaging.

Our Cannabis Weighing Machine Can Handle:

  • Cannabis Flowers
  • Cannabis Gummies
  • Other Cannabis Edibles
  • Milled Cannabis (Shake)
  • And more

Whether you need an industrial cannabis scale integrated into a fully automated packaging line for large-scale production or a scale that provides a semi-automatic packaging solution for smaller operations, Yamato has you covered. Our multihead weighers can be used for an extremely wide variety of applications. Whether you need to weigh flowers, snack food edibles, gummy edibles, chocolate edibles, or any other type of edible, our cannabis weighing machines can help.
Let’s scale your cannabis business together. Contact us today to connect with one of our cannabis weighing experts.

Yamato can weigh:

  • Flowers
  • Gummies
  • Edibles
  • Milled cannabis (shake)

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