TSD-N3 Semi-Automatic Multihead Weighing Machine

An ideal combination scale for fixed weight packages.

The TSD-N3 is a multihead weigher that offers simplified operation, faster weighing speeds, greatly improved connectivity to downstream packaging equipment, low maintenance, and easy cleaning, which will save your facility even more money on top of the money saved by reducing manual labor needed.

Applications & Features

Yamato’s TSD-N3 semi-automatic multihead weighing machine, part of our line of semi automatic combination scales, is designed to weigh products like fish filets, lobster tails, fresh produce, herbs, jerky, and more. 

TSD-N3 Semi-Automatic Multihead Weighing Machine by Yamato

Whether you’re just starting out, currently packaging by hand, have products requiring special handling, or are interested in reducing manual labor by introducing this semi-automatic weighing solution, Contact us to speak with one of our scale experts today.

Semi-Automatic Multihead Weighing & Filling Machine Features:

  • Belt-conveyor system utilizes a short drop, minimizing damage to fragile products

  • Able to run sticky items
  • Speeds up to 50 weighments per minute to improve productivity
  • Modular construction
  • Conveyors and components can be easily removed for cleaning and maintenance
  • Space-saving design allows for easy movement and works well in facilities with lower ceiling heights
  • Conveyor belt options to accommodate various products to best suit your production needs
  • 10.4-inch intuitive touchscreen color display
  • Data acquisition for monitoring productivity and operational goals
  • Store up to 100 programs in memory
  • IP65 rated washdown

For Weighing:

Not sure if this weigher is right for the products you are weighing and packaging? Contact us and an expert will answer your question today.