The Client

Northwest Seafood Processors, or NWSP, is a division of Odyssey Enterprises based out of Seattle. The company specializes in custom processing, private label packaging, and product development for frozen seafood and vegetables. The operations at NWSP include a vast range of equipment options and packaging solutions. The equipment must accommodate retail and foodservice vacuum-packed, tray-packed, bagged, and boxed product runs ranging from 5 oz to 10 lb.

The Challenge

NWSP had been hand-scaling all of its frozen seafood products, a method that is both labor-intensive and time-consuming. NWSP needed a better solution and decided to enlist the help of Yamato in the summer of 2015. After considering and evaluating a variety of automated options, NWSP decided to go with two Model TSDW-205W semi-automatic combination weighers. The units measure 28.9″ wide x 61.1″ deep by 31.9″ – 35.1″ high.

NWSP found the TSDW to be the perfect solution because the weighers are engineered to gently handle and belt-convey food products of a fixed weight for combination scaling. The equipment features easy to wash down and is also compact, making it perfect for conserving plant floor space. The high speed is up to 1800 weighments per hour, and the equipment boasts high accuracy, reducing the costs associated with product giveaway and damage. NWSP knew these weighers would improve their overall packaging line efficiency.

Benefits of a Semi-Auto Combination Weigher

Ted Hadley is the CFO and GM for Odyssey Enterprises, Inc. He says that the purchase of the TSDW weighers was a low investment when compared with the many overall benefits to his operations. Hadley said that “We installed this equipment for several reasons. The price is significantly less than a full-size combination scale, and the installation costs were zero. The programmability is straightforward, and the compact weighers can be moved from line to line as needed. Also, we like the gentle handling belt conveyor, the easy cleaning capability, and the overall simplicity and flexibility of the weighers. We use the system to feed tray-pack and pre-made pouch lines. Labor costs have been reduced because each weigher can automatically do the work of four hand scale workers in the equivalent amount of time.”

Hadley and the team over at NWSP were delighted by what Yamato was able to do for them. The dependable Yamato combination weighers helped the company meet its goals, and Yamato can do the same for you. Read our other case studies to learn more about how our equipment can lower your production costs and increase your efficiency.

(Quote Source – Packaging World)