The Bermudez Group owns six food-production companies, with operations in countries such as Costa Rica, Trinidad, Jamaica, and Barbados. The firm Alimentos Bermudez is part of the group, founded in 1989, and is the leading company in cookies and snacks in the Caribbean. The firm even received the United Nations Industrial Development (UNIDO) prize for innovation for medium-sized companies.

With its ever-growing success, Alimentos Bermudez began to seek out ways to improve the snack packaging process and achieve greater flexibility and efficiency so they could better serve a growing market, which included countries and Central America and the Caribbean. The firm needed to find the best equipment available on the market that would suit their needs. Bermudez had to take into account factors like productivity, cost, and quality when deciding on new packaging equipment and studied what was available on the market.

Mitra Sankar, the Alimentos Bermudez technical support manager, reflected on this process, noting that the company “visited many companies and installations in Latin America and India.” Through this process, Mitra and his fellow employees learned a great deal about what made for successful manufacturing and packaging. It was imperative that they chose the absolute best machinery on the market for their Costa Rica plant.

Mitra and his colleagues ultimately decided on two baggers from Kliklok-Woodman and paired these with Yamato’s 16-bucket combination scale. The firm recognized that Yamato was a leader in the industry, with nearly a century’s worth of experience in manufacturing weighers and scales for many different industries and uses. Mitra noted that he recognized Yamato was the right choice because their outstanding precision, durability, and operations were user-friendly and allowed for easy cleaning and maintenance.

The Process

The ADW-516-SN Yamato multihead weighers are the start of the snack packaging and sealing process. These weighers stand out because they are so versatile. The multihead weighers can handle different types of snacks at different weights and consistencies. The ADW-516-SN weighers can package 120 units per minute and use a weight calculation system to select the best combination of 4-6 weighing bins. These systems guarantee precision and uniform distribution of any snack product. The product moves from the feeding bins to the weighing hoppers. A load cell sends a signal indicating the quantity of product that should be put into the weighing hoppers. The machine picks the proper hopper to guarantee the most accurate weight.

From the weighers, the product is discharged to the bagger. In this instance, Bermudez chose a Kliklok-Woodman vertical bagger, which allowed for further precision and low levels of waste.

Yamato’s Contribution

Bermudez credits Yamato with making the snack packaging process a success. In this particular instance, bananas and plantains were able to be packaged precisely and quickly, and Yamato helped the firm maintain their position as a leader in snack products.

Consider Yamato for your packaging needs and achieve stunning results like Alimentos Bermudez.

(Quote Source – Packaging World)