The Yamato Difference
Written by Amanda King, Marketing Manager

In the food packaging industry, there are several esteemed providers of automatic weighing equipment. What makes Yamato different from these other brands? Why work with Yamato Corporation instead of another manufacturer of multihead weighers for food packaging?

The short answer: The Yamato Difference.

The long answer: Continue reading…

Partner with the leader in weighing.

First, and most importantly, we are experts in multihead combination weighers.

Food packaging lines can include a variety of complex components. Instead of focusing a little on a lot of those technologies, Yamato is dedicated and committed to crafting the fastest and most accurate combination scales possible.

At Yamato Corporation, we are not a distributor or agent of Yamato, we are Yamato. We do not manufacture or sell other pieces of packaging equipment. We only manufacture and sell Yamato products.

Simply put, we know scales because scales are all we do. That’s the Yamato Difference.

Products rooted in a strong history.

When you choose to purchase a Yamato combination scale, you are choosing a piece of equipment that has been around for over 40 years. The Yamato brand itself has over 100 years of history, and our industry-leading multihead weighers are ultimately a product resulting from our roots in heavy-duty industrial manufacturing dating back to 1920.

Yamato scales are rugged, reliable pieces of machinery, providing you with a piece of weighing equipment that is designed to last. Over time, we have enhanced our scales with modern technology, and we continue to develop and optimize our products today. We will release new generations of our scales to ensure you continue to get the best combination weighers in the world.

Yamato scales feature technology of the time, built to withstand the test of time. That’s the Yamato Difference.

A worldwide network.

Yamato Corporation is a subsidiary of Yamato Scale Company, Ltd. As the world leader in weighing, Yamato is built on an impressive global framework. Yamato has subsidiaries located around the world to create this global footprint.

Yamato Corporation supports the sales and service needs of Yamato scales in North, Central, and South America. Yamato Corporation is headquartered in Grafton, Wisconsin. Yamato Corporation has a second US-based location in Lake Forest, California. Yamato Scale de México, located in Querétaro, Mexico, serves as Yamato Corporation’s parts and service hub for Latin America.

Offices around the world, but one close to you. That’s the Yamato Difference.

Don’t compromise on automation.

Yamato products are the best of the best. Our people are too.

Yamato Corporation’s team of weighing experts – from our engineers to our sales staff to our service technicians – are solely focused on Yamato scales in the Americas. We have one goal in mind: giving you the best support to further enhance your investment in the best scales.

If your Yamato scale sits in the Americas, Yamato Corporation has the parts you need here and service technicians nearby. Our sales team is also available to visit you onsite any time.

We know you need non-stop performance. We promise you’ll get that from our scales, and from us. That’s the Yamato Difference.

Experience the Yamato Difference today.

Interested in connecting with our team for your Yamato sales, parts, or service needs? Contact us today and begin experiencing the Yamato Difference for yourself.