Yamato is the leader in advanced software & technology in checkweighers, combination weighers, case packers and depositors. We enable our customers to have increased speed, increased accuracy, higher efficiency, faster troubleshooting, easier diagnostics, faster error recovery, and maximized uptime to increase profits and decrease maintenance and downtime costs. Let’s continue our look at some of these technologies and how they can improve your operations:

Priority Head

All Yamato weighers have optional Priority Head software that allows for the selection of a particular head every cycle. This increases productivity when feeding additional components, product accessories, or premiums into the package. An external feeder is required for this feature.

Single, Double, and Triple Shift Indication

On Yamato Sigma, Sigma Compact, and Frontier weighers, the AICC-SE displays the shift indicator directly on the Automatic Operation screen. This serves to make it easier for operators to see and eliminates mistakes and delays due to the shift indicator being outside of the operator’s view.

Staggered Dump

For those applications where there is a high propensity for bridging at the transfer from the weigher to the packaging machine, all Yamato weighers use a programmable Staggered Dump system. This feature reduces waste and downtime by allowing for increased functional customizability.

300 Product Programs

Yamato Sigma, Sigma Compact, and Frontier weighers can store up to 300 programs for different products, target weights, and other parameters. This number allows users to have different programs for the same application to account for seasonal differences in product or packing room environment.

Weight Selection Protocol

Yamato weighers use four different weight selection protocols. No Underweights prevents the controller from selecting a combination under the target weight, while Tolerable Negative Error allows the controller to select an underweight based on strict statistical parameters. New Averaging System allows the controller to select underweights based on parameters that also include the number of underweights chosen in sequences, and finally, Maximum Allowable Variance allows the controller to select underweights base on USA Bureau of Standards regulations.

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