Yamato is the leader in advanced software & technology in checkweighers, combination weighers, case packers and depositors. We enable our customers to have increased speed, increased accuracy, higher efficiency, faster troubleshooting, easier diagnostics, faster error recovery, and maximized uptime to increase profits and decrease maintenance and downtime costs. Let’s continue our look at some of these technologies and how they can improve your operations:


Certain Yamato weighers have the optional capability to weigh multiple products. With flexible gates and fully adjustable software to easily change the number of heads assigned to each component, these weighers increase productivity by combining tasks. Priority can be set for each component, with compensation between the components, so that both optimal, individual, and total package weight is achieved. Staggered dump allows complete control of component distribution within the package, from a homogeneous mix to a layered mix.


For those packages that are sold by piece count and weight, all Yamato weighers use optional counting software to select a combination that achieves the correct count and the lowest weight. The software also tracks average piece weight changes and makes internal calculation changes to optimize the accuracy and efficiency of the weigher.

DC vibrators

On Yamato’s Sigma, Sigma Compact, and Frontier weigher lines, DC vibrators are used. These high-tech vibrators can be tuned by adjusting the frequency on the AICC-SE touchscreen, eliminating the need to replace spring sets and adjust air gaps.

Intuitive graphics

All Yamato weighers use highly intuitive graphics for both auto and manual operation. This allows for faster training, easier operation and more effective troubleshooting.

Multiple Dump

All Yamato scales have the ability to discharge multiple weighments while calculating the total amount discharged. After the last discharge, and once the package has achieved the total weight, the scale automatically switches to combination mode to achieve the best accuracy.

Multiple Motor Patterns

All Yamato weighers use five programmable and storable motor patterns to control bucket open-close profiles, letting the user perfectly tailor the motor pattern to fit the product and application.

No Select Detect

Especially useful for frozen or other highly perishable products, No Select Detect monitors how often a bucket is used in a combination. If a bucket hasn’t been chosen in a programmable number of cycles, the bucket will be “forced” into a combination to prevent thawing and sticking.

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