Since our founding in 1998, Yamato has earned a reputation as the leader in advanced software & technology, enabling our customers to have increased speed, increased accuracy, higher efficiency, faster troubleshooting, easier diagnostics, faster error recovery, and maximized uptime to increase profits and decrease maintenance and downtime costs. The Yamato Difference means that we put a strong emphasis on keeping that operation up and running and when the situation calls for it, we offer outstanding service, support, training, parts and total cost of ownership (TCO) programs.

You can’t truly understand why Yamato products are your best choice when it comes to packaging and weighing without examining the amazing technologies behind the products. Let’s take a look at some of these technologies and how they can improve your operations:

Advanced Load Cell Technology

Yamato is recognized worldwide as a leader in the science and application of load cells. Our tireless development teams have created innovative and effective load cell designs that increase accuracy and stability. Yamato’s proprietary alloys, manufacturing processes, quality control, and software result in an extremely accurate and stable load cell that requires no complicated mechanisms to account for load cell drift.

Automatic Feeder Control

To prevent overloading of feeders resulting in downtime and product loss, Automatic Feeder Control is an innovation that automatically changes the amplitude of the linear feeders to account for product flow changes. This technology is implemented in many of our feeder products, resulting in operational and efficiency improvement for our customers.

Auto Inhibit

When an error occurs, Auto Inhibit shuts down all the functions of the head while the rest of the scale continues to run. Without stopping the scale, the operator can lift the weigh bucket off of the bucket bracket, allowing clean-on-the-fly and error recovery. Since the scale is continuing to run, no time is lost.

Auto Programming

Using internal parameters, Auto Program allows an operator to simply enter target weight and speed to create a completely new program for an application, saving operator time and simplifying the programming process.

Auto Zero

All Yamato weighers use a programmable and recallable Auto Zero routine. Based on product and environment conditions, and at a pre-set time, the weigh bucket will not be refilled and the new empty weight will become the new “zero”. This addresses accuracy concerns based on the build-up of product or fines in the weigh bucket.

Interested in Yamato Products?

Yamato products ensure accuracy, efficiency, safety, and profitability, and we stand behind them with service, support, sales, training and TCO programs at each of our full-service locations worldwide. Contact us today to learn more about our industry-leading products, and find out which Yamato weighing solution is the right fit for your company.