1998 was a key milestone and innovation year for Yamato: that’s the year Yamato Corporation Dataweigh Division (YDW) in the USA was formed. The office in Mequon, Wisconsin is our sales, parts, service, engineering, and training facility.

YDW continues to be a central location for innovation. In addition, it offers a rapidly expanding network of regional service technicians and client support throughout North America and beyond. Then, and now, innovation is the theme for Yamato. Read on to learn about some of Yamato’s key innovations and milestones over the last century.

Innovations and Milestones: 1920-2000

  • 1920:    Founded Weighing Machine Division of Kawanishi Kikai K.K.
  • 1945:    Reorganized the Weighing Division of Kawanishi Kikai K.K. as YAMATO SCALE Ltd.
  • 1953:    Produced the first domestically made strain gauge load cells and Japan’s first electronic crane scale.
  • 1979:    Developed Dataweigh ® ADW-110, the first multihead weigher with load cells.
  • 1980:    Then, Datacell ® and its load cells were approved by the P.T.B. in Germany.
    • Additionally, we introduced the multihead weighers ADW-110, ADW-120, MDW-210, and SDW-220.
  • 1981:    Granted the patents for Double Shift and Memory Bucket technology.
    • Next, we revealed the multihead weigher Series RA.
  • 1988:    Released the multihead weigher Series RB.
  • 1993:    Yamato Corporation is founded in the US.
    • In addition, we launched multihead weigher Series Sigma with its Super Command Console.
  • 1994:    Yamato Scale Dataweigh UK, Ltd. is founded in Leeds, UK.
  • 1996:    Then, we introduced model ADW-510A, marking the launch of the Basic Line multihead weigher Series Alpha.
    • Additionally, we received the patent for Digital Filter.
  • 1998:    Founded Yamato Corporation Dataweigh Division in the US.
  • 1999:    Next, we unveiled the Advanced Interactive Command Console.
  • 2000:    Released the multihead weigher Series Sigma Plus.

Innovations and Milestones: 2002-Present

  • 2002:    Introduced the multihead weigher Series Sigma Compact and Alpha Plus.
  • 2003:    Revealed the AICC-SE Console.
  • 2004:    Released the digital load cell.
  • 2005:    Introduced technologically revolutionizing Sigma-F1-Frontier.
  • 2006:    Launched the multihead weigher Series Sigma-F1-Frontier.
  • 2010:    Yamato Scale GmbH is certified according to the DIN EN ISO 9001:2008.
    • In addition, we introduced the multihead weigher Series Dataweigh Omega.
  • 2012:    Yamato releases The Dynamic Tire Balancer DB-DHS1 with a capacity of 14 seconds per cycle.
    • Next, we introduced the new Checkweigher I-Series + metal detector.
  • 2016:    Finally, Yamato launches multihead weigher Series Alpha Advance
    • Additionally, we introduced the Checkweigher J-series.

Next Up for Yamato

Next for Yamato’s 2020 vision, we will continue to lead innovative, high-quality combination scaling solutions for the packaging industry. In addition, we continue to strive to exceed customer expectations with industry-leading technology and service. Yamato addresses virtually any packaging application, from our economical Alpha Series through the high-speed Omega Series. Around the globe, and around the clock, Yamato scales are integral production elements in a myriad of applications. Finally, please contact Yamato for your weighing solutions for now and tomorrow!