A recent article in Packaging World entitled “2020 Perspectives on 2030 Packaging” looks through the crystal ball to the future of packaging. In addition, the article suggests compelling evidence that the packaging industry is moving forward lighter, faster and with less waste. Fortunately, Yamato is prepared to ride the wave of the future and take packaging to new heights. Yamato will rise to the challenge presented in the article “2020 Perspectives on 2030 Packaging”: “We feel certain that packagers and their packaging technology vendor/partners will continue to find efficient, sustainable ways to identify, protect, and distribute products to their consumer and industrial customers.”

How? Continue reading to learn how Yamato will continue to provide supremely accurate scales to adapt with and endure the ever-evolving world of packaging.

Time-tested Performance & Process to Meet Sustainability Needs

Yamato has been at the leading edge of weighing technology for nearly a century. In addition to cultivating new technologies, Yamato develops new products that rely on our broad experience, our creativity, our unrivaled know-how and our power of innovation.

Heightened sustainability is a trend that is becoming the norm. In addition to boutique and local businesses, industry powerhouses like P&G, Pepsi and Coke are committed to meeting their recycling/recycled-content goals. Packaging leader Yamato is prepared with innovations to support the worldwide effort to minimize waste and save money.

The future of packaging promises less bulk and weight. Packaging World suggests: “Of all the packaging characteristics envisioned here, higher barriers and lighter weights will have the greatest impact on container manufacturing, filling-labeling-sealing, marketing, distribution, and post-first use container material disposition.” How will Yamato keep the promise of less bulk, weight, and waste? Next, we will tap into our global-leading philosophy to always offer our customers the best machine while keeping the focus on the individual needs and wishes of our customers. Additionally, our dedication to meeting the needs for greater sustainability with time-tested performance and streamlined process means everybody wins. Less weight, less bulk, and less waste.

Integration Capabilities

If an organization needs a weigher to integrate with another packaging machine, Yamato has a solution for your application. Yamato builds combination weighers for a wide variety of markets. Also, Yamato’s commercial scales are ever-present in restaurants, delis, food processing, catering, and other retail markets. These weighing scales consist of digital, mechanical, bench and platform scales. Next, Yamato integrates systems with versatility and ability to adapt to different packaging materials and proportions expected by 2030. In addition, our commercial scales have multiple functions and capacities including portion control, batching and general weighing. A variety of models are available for washdown, legal-for-trade, and NSF listed applications.

Compliance for HACCP, GMP, NSF Listed Applications & More

Finally, Yamato offers high-speed checkweighers with high accuracy. Also, Yamato complies with HACCP and GMP. The compact design fits in almost any production line and it has a variety of conveyor sizes to suit specific products. In addition, sanitary, washdown models are available and meet 3A Dairy and USDA specifications.

The dedicated worldwide leaders at Yamato look toward a future of improved “package functionality…to improve performance over longer time periods.”