The Yamato Multi-Point Depositor is highlighted in a recent article in Meatingplace called “Success with Snack Packs & Salads: Protein-Hungry Consumers Drive Meat-Snack Sales.” Meatingplace is recognized nationwide as “the premier multimedia information source for the red meat and poultry processing industry.” The article details key benefits of the collaboration between the Yamato Multi-Point Depositor and MULTIVAC, which is bringing accurate, labor-saving, hygienic and safe consumer-ready snack packs and salad kits to North America.

Yamato’s partnership with MULTIVAC is being put to maximum effectiveness in the market of protein-rich meat snack and salad packs. Here are the basics: the Yamato scale and depositor are placed over the MULTIVAC thermoforming packaging machine . Next, the Yamato scale and depositor weigh the product and cleanly place it into the formed pockets that the MULTIVAC thermoformer creates and then seals. MULTIVAC and Yamato combine expertise to form solutions for any issue that may arise during transfer to packaging. Cem Yildirim, national sales manager for MULTIVAC’s produce division proudly proclaims of the partnership: “With MULTIVAC and Yamato working in tandem, greater line efficiencies are achieved.”

Five Key Takeaways from the Yamato-MULTIVAC Automated Solution Partnership

Reduces Manual Labor

Yamato’s Multi-Point Depositor fills single packs with up to three-ingredient compartments at a rate of up to 60 packs per minute. The system can fill 30 (2×1) to 360 (6×6) trays per minute if a single item is put in each tray. Larry Chmielewski, Yamato’s General Manager for tray lines, says a recent customer “completed all of the production they had scheduled for the year in just six months.”

In addition, this combination reduces the number of staff needed on the line by 75 to 100 percent with the Yamato Multi-Point Depositor. Also, this saves money thanks to automated equipment reducing manual labor and requiring less skilled operator hours.

Improves Food Safety

How do we ensure safety? First, position a Yamato scale and Multi-Point Depositor directly over a MULTIVAC line. Then, the Yamato scale weighs the food and the depositor places portions accurately into each assigned tray area. After that, we move the food to the sealing station for the packaging process. Next, we provide a secure seal with our automated system, which eliminates human errors such as overfilling or spills. MULTIVAC’s Yildirim says “With people removed from the process, you also improve food safety.”

Increases Portion Accuracy

Portion accuracy is king in the packaging game. Companies increase the bottom line by maintaining consistent production and accurate packaging. Yamato’s Chmielewski explains another key example of the successful collaboration. “One company we worked with found that they were giving away 10 percent more ingredients at a cost of nearly $5 million per year.” In addition, automation encourages labor savings. Finally, the system delivers improved portion accuracy, which ensures happier customers.

Extends Product Shelf Life

The Yamato Multi-Point Depositor and MULTIVAC combine to keep all meats and foodstuff hermetically sealed within the final packaging. The seal keeps toppings separate offering longer-lasting and better-tasting foodstuff. Then, it ensures the ingredients cannot migrate within the packaging thanks to the sealed-toppings tray. “The sealed toppings can be packaged in longer runs, and stored and added to the salad greens package as needed,” Yildirim adds.

Hygienic Design

Finally, we utilize our collaborative system’s vacuum-seal to maximize product shelf life. The packaging maintains optimal freshness thanks to evacuation and gas flush that delivers an optimal modified atmosphere for the various ingredients. Additionally, the article states that both “Yamato and MULTIVAC incorporate hygienic design principles to enhance sanitation and reduce the risk of biological, physical and chemical contamination.”

Collaborating for Success: A Tradition Continues

Together, MULTIVAC and Yamato can resolve any issues that may impact integrated lines. Additionally, each company provides a commitment to superior technical support. MULTIVAC employs field service technicians to offer remote troubleshooting and support for the North American meat market. Yamato provides one-hundred-years of experience of automation expertise in packaging operations. In addition, Yamato aims to maximize profit in the packaged meat-snack and salad kit markets.

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