Yamato Knows: Clean and Sanitize Your Equipment

Food facilities, like other work establishments, need to follow protocols set by local and state health departments during the COVID-19 pandemic. Yamato will coordinate with local health officials so that timely and accurate information can guide actions in each location where we have operations.

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For 100 years, Yamato has been leading the industry with combination weighers, commercial and industrial scales, checkweighers, and multi-point depositors. Our parts and services keep customers coming back year after year. Knowing how to properly sanitize and cleanse our products is a top priority at Yamato.

Standard Sanitizing Procedures

With food equipment, cleaning is not enough. Thoroughly clean the equipment, so that no leftover residue can react with chemicals during the sanitation process. Sanitize after a surface has been cleaned.

Heat Sanitizing

Using hot water is the most common process for sanitizing equipment in restaurants. One can achieve sanitation with hot water by running the equipment through a washing machine using water hotter than 171 degrees Fahrenheit. Please note that larger equipment may call for hot air or steam to provide proper sanitizing.

Chemical Sanitizing

Sanitize with chlorine, iodine, and ammonium. The concentration, temperature, and contact time must be precise to ensure that harmful bacteria are killed.

Follow Manufacturer Guidelines When Cleaning and Sanitizing

If you work with food handling equipment, it is imperative to ensure cleanliness to avoid food contamination. Prior to cleaning and sanitizing, make sure to understand the methods recommended by your equipment manufacturer. Then, always follow your manufacturer’s guidelines to properly sanitize and help extend the life of your equipment.

If you clean and sanitize carefully and determine that your facility needs new food handling equipment, Yamato is standing by. Finally, please contact a representative at Yamato today for more information about our training programs and customer product testing services for our catalog of automatic and commercial weighing solutions.