Automation is the pinnacle of today’s industry. According to the Robotic Industries Association, automation will have a huge impact on cultivation and food processing equipment in the food industry within the next few years. The question is, will you be on the move with the rest of the industry?

As consumer demand increases, faster production is necessitated. Traditional food processing required manpower that was slow and inaccurate. This led to losses that were rather avoidable. However, automation has brought forth something better. That is the Yamato Americas food depositor, the ultimate food processing equipment.

food depositor making biscuits

You must be asking yourself this question, “What is Yamato depositor and how will it be useful in my business?” Well, all the answers are here. Read on to find out.

What Is the Yamato Depositor?

The Yamato depositor is also known as the Yamato sanitary depositor. It is designed to hasten, automate, and improve the packaging of foodstuffs manufactured by your industry. The food processing equipment has been designed and manufactured by Yamato Americas. We are a reputable company that has been working in the food industry for close to three decades.

Having been designed for the food industry does not mean that the depositor is only fit for large factories that process tons of food in a day. The Yamato depositor can also cover smaller niches, such as catering services and restaurants.

What are the Specific Benefits of Using This Food Processing Equipment?

Yamato’s sanitary depositors have benefits that you cannot find in any other depositor suited for the food industry. Here are some of them.

High Sanitary Design

Packaging in the food industry is a very delicate matter. Foodstuff passing through any equipment must be handled with care and adequate sanitation so that foods deposited pose no public health risk. The Yamato depositor boasts a high sanitary design that passes all public health equipment tests in the food industry.

And that is not all. The equipment is capable of directing contaminants away from product zones using product guards.

Why does this matter? Because 55% of shoppers will leave your brand if your packaging is faulty. Thus, faultless and clean packaging is important for your business.

Configurable Tray Patterns

The Yamato sanitary depositor comes with configurable tray patterns that allow you to be flexible and experiment with other pattern options. The good news is, changing patterns is not a slow and painful process. This is because the depositor has been modularized for quick changeover from one tray pattern to another.

The depositor can also be customized to different packaging formats such as tray, thermoform pouches, cups, and more. Therefore, whatever product you are producing, the depositor can be able to package it in the right format that you desire.

Integration with Yamato Combination Scales

We are not only a top designer and manufacturer of sanitary depositors but also combination scales, which we have been manufacturing for the last 30 years.

Our depositors are integrated with our fast combination scales to ensure foodstuffs being packaged are accurately and quickly weighed before being put in their packaging. With a high degree of accuracy, losses resulting from inaccurate scales are greatly reduced.

Very Easy Maintenance

This food processing equipment has been designed with a tool-free assembly and disassembly feature. Cleaning the Yamato depositor is an easy and quick process. It saves production time, thus increasing overall productivity.

Smooth Operation

Yamato sanitary depositors are operated using servos that provide high accuracy and precision during operation. This high precision, accuracy, and smoothness are maintained at speeds of up to 30 cycles per minute. This ensures a fast production process that results in no losses due to inaccuracy.

Above all, this equipment has been designed with the intelligent no-tray, no-fill technology. This ensures no product leaves the machine if no tray has been placed to receive it.

Now Is the Time for a Sanitary Depositor

If you want to cut costs and increase productivity in your business, now is the time to invest in a Yamato sanitary depositor. Contact us to today for more information.