When it comes to packaging products, efficiency is the key. Especially when you’re dealing with large volumes. But how do you know which mass packaging solution is the right one for your business?

If you’ve never heard of a combination weigher, now is the time to learn. Combination weighers are a great solution for mass product packaging. Not only are they versatile, they’re also fast and effective.

Read on for everything you need to know about these machines and how they can help you.

yamato semi-auto combination weigher

What Do Combination Weighers Do?

Combination weighers are used for packing both food and non-food products. But what makes these scales different from traditional ones? Primarily how they work and why they’re used.

There are a number of different reasons for using a combo scale. These weighers are not only extremely accurate, but they’re also fast. Plus, combo weighers can save you time and product, all while saving you money.

But what’s really unique about these machines is how they actually work. Their design and process are key to understanding their efficiency.

How Do They Work?

Understanding how combination weigher scales work can be helpful for deciding if they’re something your business needs.

Here are the basics: The scale distributes the product to match a certain weight per package. After being deposited into the top of the machine, the combination weigher drops the product into different pool hoppers. From there, the product is dropped into a weigh hopper that uses a computer to determine when the weight is closest to the goal. The machine then disperses the product into its packaging via a chute. This is done either by gravity, vibration, and/or centrifugal force.

As you can see, these weighers are great for packaging different types of weighed product at the same time into the same package.

How Can They Help?

Combination weighers make the entire packaging process more efficient. But in what situations do they work best? Their primary applications today include:

  • Filling bags: These kinds of scales have the ability to fill a number of different bags. From small bags of chips to massive quantities for catering events, combination weighers can handle the variety with ease.
  • Mix-weighing: Another convenient feature is being able to quickly mix several ingredients into one package. These scales work well for this because of how accurately you’re able to measure each ingredient.
  • Placing items: The machine can also place items in accurate positions, speeding up the process.

In addition to having a variety of uses, these scales are also able to handle a wide variety of goods. Whether it’s food or not, combination scales are made to help. From free-flowing objects like chips and granola to powdered goods, the machine can speed up the process of getting these items packaged.

Modern scales are a little bit more effective than the original ones from the 1970s, with weighers having improved their speed and accuracy since then.

Where Do I Get a Combination Weigher?

Using a combination weigher can make a huge difference to how your business packages its goods. If you’re ready to start considering your options, see our combination weigher products online.