Wisconsin is the dairy and cheese state. Wisconsin cheesemakers use about 90% of its milk supply to make more than 2 billion pounds of cheese every year. It has 1,290 licensed cheesemakers–more than any other state and has the country’s most stringent state standards for cheesemaking and overall dairy product quality. Not only does the product quality have high standards, but it’s packaging quality too.

Yamato Weighers for Cheese

To properly package each cheese product requires accurately measured weights by high-end commercial scales and weighers. Yamato, located in a suburb of Milwaukee, WI has over 25 years of industry experience. Its automatic scales have the capacity to handle cheeses of all types including:

  • shredded
  • diced
  • cubed
  • crumbled
  • and many more

Not all scales are equal either. Yamato has the first combination weighers in the industry to receive a 3A-Dairy certification. It is also fully compliant with USDA-Dairy Sanitation Standards.

What makes Yamato’s weigher special is individual collating chutes that prevent the product from spinning, enabling high-speed discharge. Multiple scale options developed specifically for cheese provide high accuracy operation. Other unique functions include:

  • Multipoint discharge scales interfacing perfectly with a multi-fill pouch or tray lines.
  • Auto-Inhibit function allowing for cleaning on the fly and error
    recovery without having to stop the weigher.
  • Programmable Auto Tare monitors product build-up
    in weigh buckets.
  • Staggered Dump eliminating bridging while transferring to
    packaging machinery.

Triplex 3A Series

Yamato has long been a pioneer in the cheese industry. Presenting the first weigher to be 3A certified, the Frontier F524SW-3A triplex weigher offers a 50% increase in speed in the same footprint as existing duplex systems. Fully 3A/USDA/WDA compliant, it provides speeds up to 180 measurements per minute on retail-size shredded cheese applications. Additionally, it incorporates all of the special modifications which have solidified Yamato’s position as the leader in shredded cheese functions. The F524SW-3A uses all of the Yamato advanced software systems to optimize weigher performance for the best speed, accuracy, and efficiency possible.

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