If you’re in the market for commercial scales, your options aren’t the only things you’re weighing.

At Yamato, we offer a range of automatic and commercial weighing solutions designed for myriad packaging industry needs, and each one bests the competition.

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Just what sets our designs apart, and why should you invest in one of our machines?

Today, we’re breaking down a few reasons you can’t go wrong with our scales, and the benefits they provide across every touchpoint.

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1. Our Selection Is Unparalleled

Whether you’re looking for mechanical, digital, or platform-based scales, we’ve got it all, with sub-categories to boot.

For example, under our Mechanical Scales offerings, we provide eight subsets to choose from, ensuring that no matter your size or weight requirements, you can find a solution set that fits.

Looking for a circular platform to use with a container? Our M C/P Series fits the bill.

Need NSF-certified commercial scales for weighing and batching? Check out our CW Series.

The same variety proves true for our digital and platform scales as well. From our SPC Solar Series digital scales to our DP-700 Series platform scales, if you need to weigh it, we’ve got you covered.

2. Our Commercial Scales Are Multi-Functional

A majority of our scales come equipped with multiple capacities, so you’re not pigeonholed into one usage scenario.

Have a larger batch of produce to weigh? Many of our scales that include stainless steel bowls, such as our SM(N) Series, come in two sizing options.

In this specific collection, you’ll receive a bowl that holds 2 and 2/3 quarts and another one that holds 4 and 1/4 quarts, keeping your operations flexible.

Using a digital scale? You’ll be able to go from 4.4 pounds to 44 pounds or more, all with the same machine.

You can also choose whether to weigh in ounces, grams, pounds, or pounds/ounce, expanding your capabilities.

The result? A higher ROI on your investment as you use your scale in more ways than one for years to come.

3. Detailed Readings Ensure Accuracy

In the food packaging industry, data accuracy is king. An imprecise measurement could carry significant consequences. To this end, our commercial scales feature fine-tuned mechanisms that offer speed and agility, but most importantly, precision.

Our Air Dashpot option comes standard on many of our models, upping your response time while delivering the exact details you need.

Here are a few other features designed to facilitate accurate readings:

  • Fine-point indicators
  • Over/under indicators
  • LCD displays
  • Temperature-compensated spring mechanisms
  • 30-degree tilted dials

With these tools, you can clearly see a measurement the first time, eliminating risky guesswork.

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With more than 25 years in the industry, we’re skilled and experienced in providing our packaging clients with the best solutions on the market. Check out what makes us different, and explore our product offerings. We provide the accurate, safe, and efficient measurements you’ve been looking for!