Yamato Americas offers automatic and commercial weighing solutions. But did you know Yamato also offers OEM service training and other types of training? From basic operation to advanced application, Yamato offers customer training that can benefit all kinds of businesses and industries.

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Read on to find more about the service and training programs offered by Yamato.

About the Yamato Technology Center

At the Yamato Technology Center in Wisconsin, you will find training programs, preventative maintenance programs, parts, and more. Yamato even offers a 24-hour emergency response service and bilingual training programs. Being able to acquire OEM service here is a major draw for many customers and potential customers.

The facility is climate-controlled and high tech. Because of that, Yamato is able to offer hands-on training, product evaluation, and product testing with packaging machines. Plus, high-speed camera technology is used for product testing and performance analysis.

Come to the Yamato Technology Center for service and training programs, as described below.

Service and Training Programs

Many different types of training and service programs are offered at the Yamato Technology Center. One of the most important types of training that Yamato offers is OEM service training.

OEM, or original equipment manufacturer, is important to ensure that you are very familiar with the parts and products offered by a manufacturer. Being able to service them yourself after being trained by the original manufacturer can save you quite a bit of time and money.

Other features of Yamato’s service and training programs include a total cost of ownership program, an emergency response team, and after-hours telephone service and troubleshooting. Plus, Yamato offers factory-trained technicians throughout North America who are regionally based. We even offer preventative maintenance programs.

Other training programs available are plant engineering, maintenance, sanitation procedure, and even a customized on-site operator. Plus, with training, you will receive service contracts for scheduled technician visits. These visits will include complete inspection of your machines, comprehensive system audits, and training updates.

Looking For OEM Service Training?

If you are in the market for OEM service training, you have come to the right place.

The on-site training includes 3-4 hours of classroom instruction per day, followed by 3-4 hours of hands-on work. Our 3-day training program is the most popular setup, but there are other options too. A set curriculum is used for the training classes. This curriculum focuses on providing the basics but also on equipping the student with easy-to-understand practices that can boost efficiency and production.

This kind of direct instruction can make a huge difference for you and your business, and implementing what you learn in this training will improve your business structure overall. Having a full understanding of OEM products and how to service them is essential in today’s business environment.


If you have questions about OEM training or any of the services and programs offered by Yamato, contact us.

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