Did you know that 94% of food packaging operations already use automated packaging mechanisms? Smart business owners are switching to automated food packaging solutions such as depositors because these machines increase efficiency and profits.

To keep up with the demand of today’s baking industry, many baking companies are attracted to batter depositors due to their consistency, cleanliness, and convenience. Bakery depositors like these are often a good choice for high-volume bakeries who need to product a lot of product but also want to maintain quality.

Could a sanitary depositor be useful for your bakery? Read on to find out.

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How Bakery Depositors Increase Production While Preserving Product Integrity

One of the biggest benefits of adding a sanitary depositor to your bakery is the ability to mass-produce consistent product without compromising the quality of your baked goods. This is because a sanitary depositor can produce an impressive 10-30 cycles of consistent product per minute.

They’re Consistent

Whether you are a large-scale bakery or a smaller operation, a depositor should be an essential part of your kitchen.

In a bakery, product uniformity is key to creating consistent and sellable goods. The right amount and configuration of batter must be used each time or your bakery loses money. When you automate this process with a depositor, you’re assured the same amount of product, in the chosen pattern, every time. Without fail.

They’re Sanitary

One of the most worrying parts of bringing equipment into your kitchen can be sanitation. If your baked goods become contaminated, your customers can get sick, which can affect your business’ reputation. This is why proper processing and packaging techniques are so vital.

Allergies and aversions are prevalent in the food industry. To prevent cross-contamination of allergens, sanitary depositors keep products separate and use product guards that direct contaminants away from product zones.

They Deliver Perfect Packaging

The right sanitary depositor allows you to play with different patterns and packaging techniques. As you probably know, taste isn’t the only thing that matters to customers—packaging is an essential aspect of marketing baked goods too.

When producing and marketing your baked goods, you must use clean, secure, and sanitary packaging. In fact, it’s been shown that over half of your shoppers will leave if your packaging is faulty.

They Allow Product Diversity

Versatility is important to accommodate different trends and to grow as a bakery. A bakery depositor can be adjusted into different configurations for different patterns. Plus, these tray configurations are easy to change, allowing for little downtime when switching products.

Interested in Sanitary Depositors for Your Business?

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