After you’ve determined which type of commercial scale you need for your business, you need to make sure your scale is precise for many key reasons. Incorrect measurements can lose your company money, time, credibility, and even lead to fines or closures.

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Keep reading to learn why precision is so important in the packaging industry, and how having the right commercial scales can prevent you and your business a lot of headaches.

Correct Price Determination

Working in the packaging industry means your products’ prices are often determined by weight. This is especially true for those of you working in the food packaging world. Items like meat and cheese, for example, are priced and sold by the ounce or pound. So, having a precise weight is pretty essential when it comes to profit.

Underpricing your product due to inaccurate scales will result in discrepancies in your warehouse, less profit, and even money loss for your business. Overpricing because of weight overestimates isn’t much better. Do this and you could be looking at trouble, including hindered business partnerships, loss of credibility, and even fines if your margin of error is larger than allowed.

Look for a commercial scale model that is certified by the National Conference on Weights and Measures.

Correct Packaging

Weights are used to direct portion sizes for various packaged goods, like bags of potato chips. Having an exact weight ensures that the exact amount requested goes in the package.

You don’t want to package too much or too little of your product. This will lead to gaps in your inventory and unhappy retailers and customers.

Eliminating Disconnects In-House

Exact measurements can reduce any disconnects within the business regarding what needs to be purchased, when, and where.

Having a commercial scale that is accurate provides reliable data and tracking so there’s no more debating between operations and sales! A business where everyone is on the same page leads to smoother and more effective operations. In addition, precision prevents over-purchasing or under-purchasing.

Keeping it Legal

No business wants to be fined or shut down due to measurement error. The National Institute of Standards and Technology has strict rules regarding commercial weight scales. One regulation prohibits any margin of error larger than 10 percent. While 10 percent may not seem like much, it can result in large losses.

Rules or no rules, it will be more beneficial for you and your business to come out with as little measurement error as possible. Having a dependable commercial scale is the place to start.

Your Reliable Commercial Scale

Precision involves more than just the numbers. It also involves scale design. You want to ensure you purchase the correct commercial scale for your products.

If you’re weighing delicate products, you need a scale that is built for that. If you’re weighing moving products, you need a scale that can measure up to the challenge.

We’re guaranteed to have a commercial scale that is fitting for your business and will give you the precision and accuracy you depend on. Check them out and contact us today!