In the fast-moving packaging industry, you can’t fall behind in terms of quality and production speed, or your competition will quickly pick up your slack. As demand increases, you know your staff is ready and able to meet the challenge, but are you as confident in your equipment? If your workers are bogged down by inefficient and cumbersome weighing equipment, your operation will suffer. The Yamato I-Series Metal Detector Checkweigher is built to deliver optimal performance in speed, food safety, accuracy, and ease of operation, cleaning, and maintenance, giving you peace of mind that your operation is ready to deliver on any challenge.

How does the I-Series make this happen? With outstanding performance and flexibility, running at speeds of 480ppm and accuracy of ±0.15g, the checkweigher and metal detector are assembled in a single, easy to clean, compact design. By eliminating costly product overweight giveaways, the I-Series increases profits while increasing food safety, detecting all ferrous, non-ferrous and stainless steel metal contaminants and ensuring that the product leaving your facility is of the highest quality and accuracy.

The I-Series digital load cell does not require auto-zeroing due to temperature changes, resulting in faster operation. An optional dual load cell further increases weighing accuracy, and all highly responsive load cells stabilize the impact of the product with expedience, allowing high speed and high accuracy weighing.

When it comes to food safety, the I-Series excels at every level. I-Series waterproof models are IP67 compliant, enabling high-pressure and high-temperature water cleaning. The tubular legs minimize dust accumulation, while the flat design and open-frame structure provide ease of cleaning. The anti-bacterial conveyor belt made of resin further increases the protection against illness-causing microbes.

This focus on usability extends to the I-Series’ remarkable ease of cleaning and maintenance. Modularization of parts makes previously complicated repair and maintenance easy, and conveyors can be removed and reattached easily, without the need for any special tools. The parts replacement alert indicator shows the time for replacing consumable parts and making maintenance checks, malfunctions, and downtime, and overload protection enables the load cell to withstand up to 3000N, decreasing downtime.

The I-Series is built from the ground up for ease of operation, ensuring that the unit spends maximum time running. LED lights can be set to 7 different colors in accordance with the operation so current operational status can be seen from a distance. Best of all, any operational level on the display can be reached in 3 quick and easy steps, reducing the operator’s time spent altering settings.

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