PMA, or the Produce Marketing Association, is a trade organization that represents businesses from each step of the produce and floral production process. It hosts a convention each year—the PMA Fresh Summit—to gather industry leaders and promote its members’ prosperity. The organization’s mission is to encourage innovation to build a healthier world.

This year, PMA Fresh Summit took place in Anaheim, CA, from October 16th through the 19th. Each day had unique events, showcasing the industry’s most innovative products and ideas. Yamato is grateful to have learned from and participated in such an event. 

Our Role 

Without efficient packaging and processing, it is not likely that PMA can achieve its goal for a better tomorrow. We partnered with MultiVac to present our most efficient option—the multi-point depositor.

This solution automatically weighs and deposits food cleanly into rigid or semi-rigid containers of all shapes and sizes.

Presenting this at PMA Fresh Summit was of great benefit to the produce and plant companies. That is to say, we connected and created lasting impressions with industry leaders. 

Key Take-Aways

The state of the industry is changing. Our consumers are changing. Aging populations and urbanization are a couple of the leading trends to these changes.

Millennials have grown up to own a larger portion of consumer buying power, whereas their parents are slowing down. Therefore, the produce, plant, and packaging industries must adjust to best cater to the younger audience. Millennials are more likely to buy goods and services that align with their values and are environmentally responsible.  Thus, companies with reduced waste and energy efficiency initiatives are thriving.

Due to more knowledge regarding screen time’s effects on one’s mental and physical health, people are demanding healthier options. With all of the world’s knowledge and millennials’ fingertips, screen time has created a need for convenience found only in cities. Consequently, young adults have moved to the cities. Busy downtown areas provide easier access to their jobs, retail, and public transit. Cities like New York, San Fransisco, Seattle, Miami, Washington D.C., and Detroit are growing.

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