PACK EXPO is North America’s most distinguished packaging trade show. It brings together the best and brightest processing and packaging innovators from all industries to create a unique trade show environment.

We at Yamato were one of 2,000 exhibitors at PACK EXPO in Las Vegas in September. Reports after the show state the attendees came from various industries. 3M, Amazon, Dole, Kroger, MillerCoors, and P&G are just a few of the many companies. Moreover, there was a grand total of 30,000 attendees from each of these businesses. 

Our Role 

As an exhibitor at PACK EXPO, we presented our comprehensive portfolio of cutting-edge products: the multi-point depositor, combination scales, checkweighers, and commercial scales. Due to the multi-point depositor’s feature in Meatingplace’s August 2019 issue, it was a hot item

Snacks, fresh produce, and frozen meals are perfect for this product. The machine weighs the food automatically, eliminating human labor and increasing productivity and sanitation. Thus, portions are no longer guessed or weighed by hand.

Key Take-Aways 

PACK EXPO provided us with useful industry information, especially regarding Millenials. This generation recently gained more spending power. Therefore, more power in the market. They demand products that align with their beliefs and values. For many, this means environmentally responsible and safe consumer goods. Furthermore, computers and advanced technology shape their world. They demand convenience and flexibility in their retail markets and products. 

Innovations must reflect Millennials’ demands for companies to stay afloat. Similarly, they must be able to function with a variety of materials and packaging styles. Additionally, packaging materials must change to produce zero waste and be biodegradable. 

Up next… MJBizCon in Las Vegas!