Last December, Yamato attended MJBizCon! This trade show has a mission to expand the recreational and medicinal cannabis industry. The event itself lasted from December 11th through the 13th, in Las Vegas, NV. It brought together over 35,000 professionals to network and discuss new industry technologies. People from all around the world, from small business owners to investors, researchers, and representatives from Fortune 500 companies came together to share knowledge and cutting-edge technology. 

MJBizCon 101

The conference provided a plethora of courses for the various areas of the industry. Each session gave us the opportunity to learn about the fast-changing rules and regulations, best practices, and network with other professionals in the field. The following is a brief overview of each course:

MJBizCon Crash Course: This course was the most popular, likely due to its broad topic. Each year the course’s content helps companies grow exponentially, helping them lead the industry with cutting edge research. 

Science Symposium: This course primed entrepreneurs with more information regarding the plant’s growth and application process. Additionally, the lesson provided best practices, tips to create consumer-friendly products and the science behind cannabis product development. 

Hemp Industry Forum: This informational meeting briefed attendees on planting and processing in the cannabis industry. This helps since the industry is changing so much, especially for farmers. 

Minorities in Cannabis: This networking event gave a space to the movers and shakers in the industry. Attendees spoke about their experiences in the industry, how they have grown their business and new technologies. 

Empowering Women in Cannabis: Women are growing to own a larger and larger part of the industry every day. This networking event celebrated women that are changing the cannabis businesses for the better. 

Our Part

We were so fortunate to be a part of the discussion at MJBizCon. We brought cutting-edge weighing technology to the conference, and people noticed! 

The Sigma F1 took the spotlight. This machinery is specifically designed for weighing cannabis flowers. It has .01 readability precision and is three to four times faster than hand packing and weighing. The Sigma F1 is easy to use with its touch screen HMI,  built-in printer, and toolless bucket. Moreover, its stainless steel design can withstand 330 lb of cannabis while gently handling each flower. 

As we’ve learned from the trade show, the rules and regulations surrounding cannabis are always changing. However, Yamato’s high-quality standard has not since the start, 100 years ago. Our scales are reliable and are always leading the industry with new ways to weigh any product.