With everlasting popularity and ever-increasing demand, seafood is a popular product that has special requirements for packagers. Yamato offers various options for seafood weighing applications including fresh, frozen, glazed, fillet, stick or any other hard-to-handle product. Our complete line of high-quality combination weighers, depositors, checkweighers, and commercial scales are all built on technology and know-how that makes Yamato the best choice in seafood packaging equipment.

Yamato combination scales integrate with pre-made bag, tray, cup, tub, jar and bowl lines as well as VFFS or HFFS for various packaging styles. Our IP67 scales are built for washdown environments that help you maintain production sanitation standards necessary in the food industry, and bearing special importance in seafood packaging. Our high-quality equipment is designed to withstand harsh conditions and below-freezing temperatures where condensation can form on surfaces. Added features, like polygon-shaped buckets which provide greater access to corners for easier cleaning, mean higher rates of production and reduced downtime.

Yamato’s ultra heavy-duty load cell withstands up to 150kg, limiting damage during rough maintenance, and alarm display and replacement time display for consumable parts allow for a preventative maintenance schedule. With 60% less power consumption and less heat generation, Yamato scales help maintain product condition and limit negative environmental impact. Yamato builds products that directly impact your bottom line: delivering increased productivity and profit, while increasing efficiency as well.

Yamato semi-automatic weighers are ideal for fixed weight packaging of lobster tails, fish fillets and other large seafood pieces or fragile products, including fish sticks, shrimp, fresh and frozen
IQF salmon and other fish fillets, lobster and more.

Yamato offers a full line of commercial scales, consisting of digital, mechanical, bench and platform scales. Delivering multiple functions and capacities including portion control, batching and general weighing, Yamato offers commercial scales that are highly portable: compact and easy to carry.

Yamato’s builds packaging equipment that powers successful packaging businesses. Don’t trust your operation to second-rate equipment that stops your line frequently due to problems, maintenance, and inefficiencies. Yamato equipment is built to work hard and last long.

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