Pasta presents a special challenge for packagers, a challenge that Yamato understands. Our goal to serve the pasta market with outstanding combination weighersdepositors, checkweighers, and commercial scales is met and exceeded on a daily basis. Our knowledge of the intricacies of the industry, as well as our support team, keep your operations up and running.

Pasta Packagers Benefit From Our Best In Class Technology

We’re thrilled that top manufacturers and packagers of pasta depend on Yamato products every day to ensure that their food products are portioned properly, and treated with care and safety every step of the way. We’re not only experts in the field of automatic and commercial weighing solutions, we’re consumers of the high-quality pasta that our customers provide. This gives us a unique perspective and a passion for exceeding our customer’s ever-evolving needs.

Yamato products offer outstanding performance and flexibility by integrating with pre-made bag, tray, tub, cup, jar, and bowl lines, as well as VFFS and HFFS for various package styles and sizes. Our unique design with individual collating chutes allow high-speed discharge, and auto feed control allows for automatic adjustments to achieve best results when product or environmental conditions change. Gentle-handling features are available for delicate products, ensuring consistency in your packaged pasta products. Ultra heavy-duty load cell withstands up to 150kg, limiting damage during rough maintenance, and alarm display and replacement time display for consumable parts allow for a preventative maintenance schedule, ensuring your lines are running as planned with minimal downtime.

Yamato products are also built from the ground up for outstanding food safety. We offer an IP67 model, which helps you maintain product sanitation standards required in the industry. Yamato’s multihead weighers reduce the breakage during weighing, and our polygon shaped bucket design is light and rigid, improving speed and accuracy. Yamato scales are designed for quick and easy cleaning, with 60% less power consumption and less heat generation, helping maintain product condition and limiting negative environmental impact.

Perhaps best of all, Yamato products allow for minimal downtime for maintenance. Keeping your lines running so your products ship on time and at quantity ensures continued profit and growth. With Yamato as your partner, your pasta packaging operations are sure to be a great success.

Interested in Yamato Automatic and Commercial Weighing Solutions?

Yamato products ensure accuracy, efficiency, safety and profitability. Contact us today to learn more about our industry-leading products, and find out which Yamato weighing solution is the right fit for your company.