Packagers who specialize in granulates and detergent products know the unique demands that are put on the equipment in their plants. Every machine on the line must meet these demands with a design that is purpose-built to serve packagers in these markets. Yamato offers outstanding flexibility and performance in our products for the detergent and granulates market, ensuring that your products serve you with the same reliability and speed that Yamato products offer to other markets.

Yamato products offer special modifications for dust protection, and scales integrate with pre-made bag, tray, tub, cup, jar, and bowl lines, as well as VFFS and HFFS for various package styles and sizes. Our auto-tuning functions allow for automatic adjustments, achieving best results even when product or environmental conditions change. Yamato’s ultra heavy duty load cell withstands up to 150kg, limiting damage during rough maintenance and cleaning.

Improved feeder response with feedback control ensures consistent product feed, and alarm and replacement time display for consumable parts allow for a preventative maintenance schedule.

Not only do Yamato products perform well for detergents and granulates, our feature set ensures outstanding handling and ease of maintenance, even when handling these unique products. Our IP67 model helps you maintain production sanitation standards, with light, rigid polygon-shaped buckets improving speed and accuracy. Yamato scales are designed for quick and easy cleaning, and U-shaped linear feeder pans are designed to convey free-flowing granular products with extra sealing on all buckets for improved leak-proofing. Yamato’s sealed scale enclosure contains dust product particles and keeps contaminants out of the products.

Yamato offers products with applications such as powder detergents, sugars, spices, and coffee grounds. In these competitive industries, packagers can’t risk taking a chance with equipment that is just not up to the task. Yamato’s proven record in the detergent and granulates packaging market means that our products are built from the ground up to serve the market with robust offerings to increase your efficiency and raise your bottom line. Trust Yamato products with your detergent and granulates packaging needs, and you won’t be disappointed.

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