At Yamato, we build the best combination weighers, depositors, checkweighers, and commercial scales, custom-built for a wide variety of markets, no matter the product or application. While we’re very passionate about our great products and the design and technology behind them, we really love to explore the amazing applications for which our customers use our products.

In this series, we’ll take a (sometimes mouth-watering) look at the unique and varied applications that our market-leading products serve. We’ll dive in and get a glimpse of the work that our machines do to package these great products and deliver them to your pantry, efficiently, safely, and with minimal impact on our environment.

Bakery Items Require a Soft Touch, and Yamato Delivers

As consumers appetite for sweet pastries, cookies, and more remains high, Yamato enables great manufacturers to deliver delicious, high-quality treats every day. We offer various options for bakery weighing applications including cookies, crackers, pastries and more.

Before these products are baked, Yamato helps to maximize flavor and texture, and also minimize waste. Our commercial scales are used in bakeries not only for ingredient portion control, but also for dough preparation and product weighing. Our products deliver accuracy that is unmatched, helping these bakeries maximize profits and create consistency in their products.

After the products are baked and ready for the consumer, Yamato again ensures maximum quality. Many of these sweet treats crumble easily, so Yamato offers gentle product handling features for fragile products. Yamato combination scales integrate with VFFS or HFFS for various package styles and sizes, including such items as cookies, crackers, muffins, croutons, doughnuts, and frozen breads and biscuits.

Candy and Confectionary Items Look and Taste Delicious With Yamato’s Help

Those tantalizing chocolates, glowing gummies, and perfectly-wrapped hard candies would lose their visual appeal without gentle handling. Yamato provides several options for weighing various candy and confectionery applications including wrapped, unwrapped, sticky, and other hard-to-handle products. Gentle product handling features are available for delicate products, and high speed models are available. Combination scales integrate with pre-made bags, tray, cup, tub, jars and bowl lines as well as VFFS or HFFS for various package styles and sizes.

Yamato’s IP67 models ensure ultimate food safety and a contamination-free product. Designed for quick and easy cleaning and maintenance, Yamato’s products keep your downtime minimal and your operations efficient, safe and profitable.

Interested in Yamato Automatic and Commercial Weighing Solutions?

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