Being able to weigh fresh produce presents some interesting problems. How do you get accurate figures without damaging delicate fruit?

Maintaining quality is at the heart of maintaining your reputation for excellent fresh goods. With the fruit and vegetable market contributing $554 billion to the US economy, having a solid reputation is your key to success.

a box of fresh produce

If you want to reduce wastage and boost the quality of your goods, we can help you. Read on to find out how.

Need to Weigh a Lot of Items at Once?

Not all fresh produce requires the same type of measurement. We offer a range of options which can handle everything from salad and baby carrots to easily bruised fruit and vegetables like tomatoes.

Yamato combination weighers have product handling features designed especially for those delicate products.

You don’t want produce becoming stuck and causing a backlog of items in the feeder. Our scales use linear feeding pans set at an optimum angle. Add to that an anti-stick surface and your produce will run through the system with ease.

Worried about wastage? Yamato’s technology reduces vibration to keep damage to a minimum. We’re focused on accuracy to prevent you giving away your produce.

Our semi-automatic weighers include a conveyor system with a minimal drop to avoid damage. Load cells withstand up to 150kg, which means less damage to the machinery, meaning less maintenance.

Food safety is also a high priority, with everything designed to meet the highest standards of hygiene. Our stainless steel IP67 models complement washdown environments. And we use continuous welding on joints to stop germs hiding in cracks. The tilted bed minimizes standing water, which could otherwise become a bacterial breeding ground.

If you need scales that can be cleaned quickly and easily, our combination scales will minimize downtime.

How About Smaller Stores or Markets?

Not every producer has a mass production plant at their disposal. Grocery stores still need scales to let customers weigh their goods. Farmer’s markets or other produce kitchens need accuracy at their fingertips.

Yamato offers commercial scales in a range of sizes and forms, offering mechanical and digital scales for bench or platform installation. The models are NSF certified, guaranteeing you peace of mind that we set our standards as high as you do.

Our mechanical scales feature removable stainless steel platforms for easy cleaning, and interchangeable bowl sizes allow for easy weighing of multiple items. We have different models to suit your needs, whether you focus on hardy vegetables or fragile fruit.

Some digital models have an optional AC function if you prefer to use mains power. For those of you working at a farmer’s market, try one of our battery models with an adjustable automatic shut-off feature.

Yamato has scales for every eventuality, so you can guarantee precision for your goods at every turn.

Interested in Our Measuring Solutions for Your Fresh Produce?

Yamato products always put accuracy, safety, efficiency, and profitability first. Contact us today to learn more about how our industry-leading products can help you with your fresh produce needs.