Tumbling brightly colored candy into a tall paper bag conjures images of childhood treats or trips to the movies. Remember your cherished memories of collecting sweets from kind neighbors at Halloween.

Candy plays a huge part in our daily lives, from comfort food to nostalgia. It’s no surprise the confectionery industry makes $35 billion for the economy.

We don’t make candy ourselves, but we understand how important it is to maintain quality, reduce wastage, and provide the customer exactly what they want.

a scale weighing chocolate candies, cookies and nuts

Read on to learn how we can help you with your confectionery needs.

Your Scales Need to Handle Several Types of Confectionery

Jelly sweets, wrapped candy, hard mints, glossy chocolates, and licorice are all delicious, but they have their own specific measuring needs. Candy comes in a range of types, both wrapped and unwrapped, and even sticky forms. So, you need to choose handling features that suit these varied products.

If you want to save time, opt for combination scales. You can measure and package sweets at the same time, adding bags, trays, tubs, or jars to the scales.

Get the measurements right and you won’t lose money by giving away overweight bags. It’s a quick and simple way to increase your profits.

Precision Is Key

Accurate commercial scales are essential to your success.

Using feedback control, our scales tells the feeder when to send more product and when to hold back. You’ll get a consistent feed, meaning you can predict your output. You can even save money by enabling auto-tuning functions. The scales make automatic adjustments to suit conditions within the products being weighed or the environment. Divert your staff to perform other tasks instead.

Best of all, the right scales alert you to when you need to replace consumable parts. Slot their replacements into your maintenance schedule so you can get the scales up and running again. It’s best to replace them before they wear out to minimize downtime.

Keep Contamination From Your Products

  • IP67-compliant combination weighers offer a range of features to meet food safety standards. That way, you can keep contaminants out of your unwrapped candy.
  • These models also allow you to clean them quickly and easily. That means less downtime for your plant and more time weighing your delicious confectionery.
  • The various models also use 60% less power, generating less heat while you’re running them. That’s important when you’re measuring something delicate like loose chocolate drops. You don’t want excess heat melting them together.
  • Using these scales means you won’t affect the quality of your product and you’ll lessen the impact your plant has on the local environment.
  • Best of all, our commercial scales are NSF-certified. We take the quality of your products very seriously, just like you do.

Need Our Measuring Solutions for Your Confectionery?

Yamato always puts efficiency, accuracy, profitability, and safety first. With our wide range of scales, you can find a device that suits the size and scope of your business.

Contact us today to find out which of our industry-leading products will help you with your candy needs.