Can you believe that the global packaging industry will likely reach a value of 975 billion dollars in 2018?

As more and more consumers turn to online shopping, expectations are high for packages. Businesses must ensure the correct items are included in the shipment and nothing breaks in transit. Most importantly, packaging businesses must ensure what they send out has been properly weighed.

someone using a digital scale

Is your packaging business looking to upgrade their current scales? Read below for a few things you should look for when shopping for digital scales.

Analog or Digital

One of the first things to consider about digital food scales is the specific type. Analog scales are sometimes also called “mechanical scales.” They have a spring inside that moves a pin to show the weight.

Digital and electronic scales usually have batteries or plug into the wall and will give the weight on a screen. This type of scale can often store data and displays data out to a tenth. This provides more accurate measurements than analog scales.

Capacity for Measurements

The second thing to look for when shopping for scales is how sensitive they are. Depending on what you expect to be measuring, you will need a scale that can meet your needs.

Some scales are sensitive enough to measure light items like snack foods and candy. Other scales can measure much higher amounts, which would be helpful when packaging bulk orders of seafood, poultry, or potatoes, for example. Different types of sensitivity are important to maintain accuracy within your business.

Find a scale that meets your needs. Some scales can help with portion control, general weighing, or batching. What you need will guide the exact scale you should buy.


Be sure to pay attention to the size of the platform on the scales. There are many sizes and shapes. Larger platforms are good because you will then have ample room to measure large items. A big platform also keeps the items being measured from covering the weight read out.


The design of a scale is an important element when choosing one to buy. First, consider the exact purpose you need it for. For example, does your business frequently receive product shipments by the pound? If you’re not weighing these right when you get them, you may be losing money.

If you own a restaurant and receive seafood, you should always verify you’re getting what you paid for. Receiving scales will be built low to the ground, so you do not need to do much lifting.

Other scales are lightweight and movable. These would be helpful in restaurants needing to portion out things like pizza dough.

Improve Your Business with Digital Scales

Now you know exactly what to look for when searching for a digital scale. Finding the perfect scale will bring your packaging business to the next level. A proper scale will ensure you have both happy customers and clients.

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