Yamato’s revolutionary line of combination weighers continues with the Omega Combination Weigher. Alongside the Alpha and Sigma combination weighers, the Omega is an innovative and worldwide leading multihead weigher which offers unique benefits that improve productivity and environmental responsibility, and also provide easy operation and maintenance.

Yamato Omega Combination Weighers

The Omega offers solutions for your weighing challenges. Its unique polygonal bucket shape improves sanitation, while individually adjusted collating chutes ensure optimum control of product flow. Easily removable and attachable buckets and unitization of the actuator and feeder provide unique accessibility. The Omega’s high-natural-frequency load cells minimize vibration impacts, and lattice digital filters reduce the influence of external vibrations and ensure higher weighing accuracy. The toggle-less gating mechanisms reduce mechanical impacts on load cells and suppress bucket gating noise. Auto-tuning and Yamato AFC (automatic feeding control) ensure continuous and optimum product flow, leading to increased productivity and higher profits.

The improved design of the Omega ensures easy replacement of actuators and feeders, which reduces downtime and changeover duration. Since no tools are needed to remove buckets and linear feeding pans, your operators spend less time maintaining and changing out parts and your machines spend more time working for you.

When a failure occurs, simple screen diagnostics allow quick and painless identification of the problem areas. The Omega provides maintenance information before the fact, in the form of part replacement time indicators that warn of potential failures before they occur.

Food safety is at the forefront with Omega combination weighers. The simplified, fully stainless steel streamlined design is cleaner operating, and the YDB bucket design leaves no spaces for dust to collect or for bacteria to grow.

With Yamato Omega combination weighers, you not only increase efficiency, you reduce your environmental impact as well. Feedback control of feeders can achieve up to a 60% power consumption reduction compared to a conventional model. Wider product windows reduce sealing errors and contribute to reducing packaging waste as well.

With the highly accurate, efficient, safe and environmentally responsible Omega combination weigher powering your food packaging operations, you have state of the art, best in class technology working for you.

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