Since their invention in the 1970s, combination weighers have revolutionized the food packaging industry. Also called multihead weighers, these complex machines allow accurate feeding and exact portioning of food product into packaging. With 90 years at the leading edge of the weighing industry serving a wide variety of markets, Yamato has revolutionized combination weighers with the new Alpha, Omega, and Sigma combination weighers.

Yamato combination weighers are built to withstand the harsh environments of food packaging lines while also being highly user-friendly. Their smart, robust, and accurate design is part of Yamato’s Dataweigh line, which brings improved productivity, ease of operation, food safety, ease of maintenance, and environmental responsibility to your operations. Yamato combination weighers boast higher output and yield than the competition, all in a highly sanitary and easy to clean design.

Yamato Alpha Advance Combination Weighers

Alpha Advance is constructed to withstand aggressive user handling and harsh environments. The heavy duty load cells are strong enough to endure up to 150kg loads while maintaining high accuracy and improved productivity.  This is achieved through high performance, high-value operation: High-frequency load cell shortens settle time of the weighing cycle while the auto feeder control (AFC) system ensures optimal feeding. Its enhanced feeder amplitude, including the ability to handle sticky or fragile products, helps to deliver more product in less time.

Easy maintenance is built-in to the Alpha Advance. All parts can be removed and attached without tools, and large radius corners of buckets make it easy and quick to clean. Modular actuator design makes maintenance effortless.

The Yamato Alpha Advance includes high-tech features designed to enable intuitive and efficient operation. With a color touchscreen monitor and user-friendly icons for easy programming and operation, the Alpha’s user interface is a joy to use.  Up to 100 pre-set programs allow repeated operations at the push of a button, and a counting software option is available for packages sold by piece count and weight.

Of particular importance is the Alpha’s environmentally-responsible features. The small footprint requires less square footage than the competition, and the Alpha’s large product window minimizes production waste.

Interested in Yamato Alpha Advance Combination Weighers?

An Alpha Advance will improve your operations in a multitude of ways. Contact us today to learn more about this industry-leading product, and find out which Yamato combination weigher is the right fit for your company.