How to Choose the Right Scale for Your Business

Many industries that conduct local and global trade use scales on a daily basis for a variety of tasks. Purchasing the best commercial scale for your industry is of paramount importance. This is especially true if your company deals with expensive bulk parts that need to be rationed on a consistent basis. When considering how to choose the right scale for your business, it is important to know most commercial scales fall into four categories: 

  • Mechanical Scales
  • Digital Scales
  • Platform Scales
  • Legal for Trade Scales 

Each of these scales possesses unique characteristics that are appropriate for specific tasks. In the section below, we will break down the differences between these four categories so you can make an informed decision when buying a scale for your business. By learning more about the different kinds of scales, you will be able to make the right choice based on your business’ needs.

Mechanical Scales—The Old Fashioned, Tried & True Option 

Most people associate mechanical scales with the grocery store. Whenever a customer buys bananas or other bulk items from a grocer, they usually have to weigh the items on a mechanical scale. These scales are old school, sturdy, and reliable. Products such as the CW(N) series of mechanical scales provide users with accurate readings without the hassle of having to plug the scale into a power source. Additionally, mechanical scales are easy to calibrate and they are perhaps the most user-friendly weighing devices on the market. If you run a business that requires customers to use a scale on a daily basis, the mechanical scale is the best solution for you.  

Digital Scales—The Modern, Precise Option 

Ifa Yamato digital scale with LED user interface your business requires workers to weigh small, granulated, or costly materials for portioning, a digital scale is your best friend. Mechanical scales are great for weighing out bulk material, but digital scales are much more precise and are designed to provide the most accurate readings possible. Products such as the PLS Series of digital scales are equipped with multiple weighing modes, battery conservation features, and LCD monitors for enhanced readability. Most digital scales can provide readings for multiple units of measurement (e.g. grams, milligrams, pounds, and ounces, etc.). If you need to portion out products to a specified significant figure, a digital scale is your go-to option.


Platform Scales—The Heavy-Duty, Industrial Option 

Digital and mechanical scales are good for smaller jobs and precision weighing. However, some businesses need larger scales to perform more heavy-duty jobs. Platform scales are a good choice for businesses that need a scale that can perform multiple functions. These devices can be used for checkweighing, grading, packing, counting, and weight totals. Most of these products, such as the DP-670 series of platform scales, are made of stainless steel. This material is ideal for users who might work in industries that handle messy materials. Additionally, platform scales are usually equipped with digital readers, which make for a user-friendly experience. If your company requires a scale for a messy, heavy-duty job, a platform scale will do the trick.

Legal For Trade Scales—The Nationally Certified Option 

For legal reasons, your business might need to weigh out specific materials in accordance with federal law. To be considered legal for trade, a scale must fulfill certain standards established by the National Type Evaluation Program (NTEP). The NTEP evaluates the performance, features and options, and operating characteristics of the scale based on its set of applicable standards. Producers design these scales to be the most reliable on the market. They also have beneficial features, such as easy-to-read digital displays and programmable lookup keys. If your business depends on accurate readings, a legal-for-trade scale is the best option for you. 

What If I Still Have Questions?

If this breakdown of the four kinds of commercial scales leaves you with unanswered questions, don’t worry! Our friendly experts are ready and able to help you out. We have led the industry for over 100 years and we offer several training programs and services for our clients. Yamato offers many state-of-the-art weighing devices for a variety of industries. Contact our staff today for more details about our products and services.