Portion control scales will help you give your customers a consistent product. As you probably already know, consistency is a huge part of the restaurant business. Your returning customers expect a certain experience each time they visit, from the ambiance of the restaurant to the flavor and portion size of their favorite dish. Altering any of these factors will damage your restaurant’s reputation and your customers’ loyalty. 

A portion control scale is a great way to maintain consistency. By keeping the same amount of food on each plate, you keep your customers happy and reduce food waste. Keeping your portion sizes consistent will also help you and your employees when it comes time to manage inventory. This further limits food waste and money loss.

Consider the following when it comes time to choose a food service scale for your restaurant.

Portion Control Scale Types

The two main types of food service scales are dial and digital. The type of scale refers to how the user will read the weight. Many favor digital scales because they are very easy to read and give accurate measurements. Digital scales also have electronic controls that are easy to use. They often require batteries or an AC adapter.

Dial portion control scales are favored by others because they do not require batteries or a power source. These types of scales tend to be cheaper than their digital counterparts. While they often have higher weight capacities, some may find dial portion control scales harder to read.

Scale Increments

Many digital scales will allow you to choose your preferred unit of measurement from a host of options. However, dial scales will usually only only display one or two units of measurement. When purchasing a scale, consider the units you will be weighing your portions in. Digital scales tend to be accurate to several decimal points.

Scale Platform

The size and shape of the platform you will be weighing food on should not be overlooked. Platforms are available in various sizes, from around 12 to 200 square inches. The larger the platform, the more your scale will be able to weigh, both in terms of weight, size and shape of food and dishes. Some scales will be named for the exact type of food they are meant to weigh, such as pizza scales.

Specialty Options

  • Wireless scales have a readout screen that can be placed virtually anywhere because it is not attached to the platform by wires. You can mount the screen on a wall or counter top for quick and easy reading.
  • Submersible scales are water-resistant. This makes for easy cleaning and protection from any liquids you are measuring or using near the scale.
  • Computerized scales can keep track of prices or how many servings of a certain type of food is being produced and served.

In Conclusion

Yamato provides scales to companies that are dedicated to giving their customers a consistent product. With our scales, you can ensure that your employees are keeping their portions to your standards. For more information on what we can provide, reach out to us here.