How Scales Help Manage Bulk Costs and Increase Profits

If your small business specializes in selling one kind of product, you likely buy a few items in bulk. Purchasing these essential products in bulk drastically cuts down costs for your business; however, in certain industries, such as the baked goods and confectionery industries, bulk products are easily spoiled or otherwise wasted. Whether due to human error or improper weighing practices, spoilage of bulk products can add up over time and end up decreasing your profit margins (sometimes significantly). Luckily, modern commercial and industrial scales come equipped with a wide variety of built-in functions that make inventory management much easier. Listed below are a few ways that commercial and industrial scales can help you manage your bulk inventory in a manner that lowers shrink and spoilage margins. 

Accurate Digital Scales Enable You to Better Track Your Inventory  

When you order and receive a bulk package of product for your company, it is important to produce an accurate reading of the product before you store it. Establishing an accurate inventory baseline provides you with a starting point—from there, you will be able to more meaningfully determine the source of your products’ shrinkage and spoilage. For instance, many products in the cheese industry lose mass and volume over time. Measuring bulk cheese with a PCC-300WP digital scale will provide you with an accurate initial weight. Subsequent readings should then be recorded in order to keep track of how much of your product is being lost to ambient conditions. Inventory management practices, when paired with accurate portioning, puts you in a better place to control your product and profit margins.

State-of-the-Art Combination Scales Provide You with Perfect Portioning

Combination scales are equipped with multi-head weighing buckets that automatically weigh the product. Once the product has been weighed to your specification, the combination scale then transfers the correct amount of product into a container of your choosing. Depending on your business’ specific needs, you can program the scale to disburse product into ready-to-purchase packets for customers or into portion packages for your employees (think 4 oz. chicken portions in plastic bags for line cooks). Proper portioning enables you to deliver a consistent product that costs your business the same amount of money every time. 

Multi-Point Depositors Cut Back on Labor Costs

Finally, if your business requires you to assemble products with a variety of bulk materials, a multi-point depositor can greatly diminish your labor costs and virtually eliminate human error.  It is more important than ever to implement a sanitary, cost-effective solution to age-old problems. Multi-point depositors enable you to weigh, portion, and dispense food into a wide variety of containers for customer use (e.g. meal trays and bracketed to-go boxes) with minimal manual labor and human contact. Weighing, sorting, portioning, and dispensing food by hand can take hours, especially if the operation provides multiple choices to customers. By using a multi-point dispenser, you can focus on other tasks within your business without worrying about inventory management or loss of profit.

If you are exploring ways to cut down on costs and ensure that your business is using its bulk products in the most efficient way possible, but you don’t quite know where to start, consider reaching out to contact Yamato today to speak with a friendly expert who can walk you through our catalog of certified products. We have provided exceptional weighing solutions to industry leaders for over 100 years, and we are confident that we can help you pick out the best product for your company. We are committed to providing you with the best customer service and product training possible, so contact us today!