Did you know there were $92,650 in fines paid in Australia in 2014 due to foods found weighing less than stated? This was a direct violation of the trade measurement law. Over 40% of the members audited had a breach in their packaging or labeling.

Companies must comply with the trade measurement law and have correct weighing scales or they will get fined. Their scales must be consistent and accurate. If a label printed doesn’t match the amount in the packaging, they are breaching the law.

How do you find the best weighing machine provider? Let’s take a look below at different types of scales and their quality.

Weighing Machine Quality

Finding a scale that maintains high-quality standards, meets regulatory compliance, and is accurate will ensure you don’t receive any fines. There are a variety of scales available, from scales used in the farming industry to local grocery stores.

When you’re working with the best weighing machines, you can expect high quality from them. There are a few different types of scales that providers suggest to provide specific value. Let’s take a look at what machine providers determined are the best food scales in the industry.

Best Fresh Food Scales

  • A good fresh food weighing machine will help you meet compliance and adhere to the trade measurement law. It will also help to reduce food waste, promote food safety, and increase productivity.
  • Another type of scale is a processing and production scale. Providers suggest always having this in-house as it helps the industry monitor and measure production, and it eliminates waste.
  • The last important type of food scale is a waste weighing machine. This helps companies measure waste in processing.

Best Checkweigher Scales

A checkweigher is a common type of scale. It provides many benefits to the company in processing and meeting regulatory compliance. Machine providers strive to make all of their machines accurate and compliant.

Some of the features it provides include:

  • Easy to clean
  • Temperature changes don’t require auto-zeroing
  • Built-in metal detector
  • Wide belt to fit items of various sizes
  • Anti-bacterial components
  • Compact design enables scale to fit in many areas

Having these features makes meeting compliance and accuracy possible, so staff can focus on other important tasks.

Best Commercial Scales

Providers make these scales for commercial companies in packaging and processing smaller items. Most often, these scales are used in a grocery store or a deli.

When using this type of scale, here are some of the features you can expect to find:

  • Constructed of heavy-duty steel
  • Highly accurate
  • Can reset to zero
  • Easy to read the screen
  • Adjusts to changes in temperatures
  • Can use with storage containers

How You Can Choose Correctly for Your Business

Finding a scale that fits your needs will help your company save money and time. The best providers make high-quality weighing machines that can make the department using it more efficient, accurate, and consistent in reaching compliance.

This will help you save money and avoid fees due to inaccuracy or breaches in packaging or labeling.

There are different scales for a variety of tasks, from commercial weighing of large items to weighing of small deli meats or packaging of deli salads. Food scale providers can help you choose the kind of scale that is right for your business by identifying your business needs.

Get the Best Scale Today

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