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Visit us at the Global Produce and Floral Show in Anaheim, CA, October 19 – 21, 2023, to see the latest innovative solutions for controlled environment agriculture (CEA). An ideal solution for the indoor vertical farming industry, Yamato’s Automatic Diving Funnel (ADF), a tray-filling solution, helps growers optimize their operations, increase their bottom line, and deliver product with an extended shelf life.

Yamato’s semi-automatic offering, the TSD-N3, is the perfect complement when processing falls somewhere between manual and automatic. Designed for fixed-weight packaging, our semi-automatic combination scales are designed to increase production while simultaneously protecting product too delicate to withstand traditional automatic packaging methods.

When every cent counts, Yamato’s inspection systems provide outstanding performance at a reliable price. Whether checking package weight or monitoring for foreign or unexpected objects, Yamato’s I Series and J Series Checkweighers offer an additional level of assurance.

To determine which solution is right for you, join us at the Global Produce and Floral Show in booth number 4500 at the Anaheim Convention Center.

Yamato is always the best way to weigh leafy greens.

Yamato Tray Filling Solutions: Automatic Diving Funnel (ADF), ideal for leafy greens

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