Do you want to improve productivity the easy way?

If you’re still using your staff to pack everything, you’re slowing down operations and spending more money than you need to. Automation is the name of the game in today’s packaging industry.

A Yamato packing machine can help get orders filled faster and better, allowing you to keep clients happy and raise profits. Read on to find out what makes these packing machines so essential.

food packing machine

1. Quality Control

When humans package products, it’s much more difficult for them to do so with consistency. Your employees simply can’t offer the same level of quality control that a machine can.

For products that are packed with consistency and meet the same standards each time, you’ll need a machine to do the job. Avoid sending out defective products and isolate errors more easily by using a machine.

2. Protect Your Reputation

That increased level of quality control allows you to protect and maintain your brand’s reputation. Your reputation is what keeps your current customers loyal, and allows you to attract new customers, too. A faulty product due to packaging can spread illness, disappoint customers, and otherwise hurt your business.

To ensure things are packed right every time, automation is key. This allows you to protect and maintain your reputation with every order.

3. Added Safety

As mentioned above, faulty packaging can result in the growth of harmful bacteria or allow for other forms of contamination. A packing machine is the only way to ensure food safety standards are met with every order.

If an automated process doesn’t work properly, you’ll be able to catch it and fix it immediately. However, machine errors are much rarer than human errors. Protect your customers by investing in automation.

This will also allow you to protect your employees. The repetitive labor of packing products can be physically hard, and if your employees are working around heavy-duty packing equipment, there are added job site risks. Keep your staff safer by taking them out of the packing process.

4. Easy to Maintain and Operate

Our packers offer extremely easy maintenance. You don’t need any tools to keep the machine running. You can adjust the operation speeds as needed, and a large color touch screen allows you to make any adjustments with ease. Find the optimal speed for each product with this flexible operation.

5. Enhances Productivity

Not only are machines safer and more efficient than their human counterparts, they also work faster and don’t get tired.

You’ll get more packaging done faster when you automate the process. Machines don’t need regular breaks or days off. They can work at a consistent speed for hours at a time without errors. And they don’t need to be trained to do the job!

Get a Yamato Packing Machine Today

More and more companies are now automating processes like packaging. Don’t fall behind! Join the ranks of automation and bring your business into the future. Both your customers and your employees will be happier when you invest in a machine. Give your customers the consistent quality that they want, while making sure your employees are doing the kind of work that can’t be automated.

Ready for your Yamato packing machine? You can order one today. Find more information here.