One of the most important, and one of the most overlooked, parts of any successful warehouse is its scale. Since warehouses typically handle oversized items, they need scales that can withstand the immense weight. At the same time, warehouses need scales that simplify the weighing process.

The entire packing industry is built on people trying to be as efficient as possible. That’s what makes the platform scale such a powerful solution for packers.

With platform scales, warehouses can streamline the record-keeping and packing process. Recording a package and ensuring it contains the correct items is as simple as placing it on a platform.

However, platform scales can also vary. Some are better suited for larger items than others. Other scales can handle more weight. Sometimes warehouses need to find an ultra-precise scale to suit their needs.

Keep reading for tips on finding the perfect platform scale that won’t weigh down your company!

Does the Platform Scale with Your Business?

The first step when deciding on a platform scale is to figure out how big you need it to be. If you normally load crates larger than the size of a person, then you will want to opt for a larger platform. You also need to check and make sure you have room to place it in your warehouse.

Even if you do have the room right now, you should also try and predict if you’ll have room in the future. The whole point of purchasing a platform scale is to streamline the packing process. It makes businesses more efficient.

More efficiency means more growth, which means you’ll need to take up more space. So purchase as big as you need, but not too big.

It Should Have the Capacity to Do Its Job

If you pack heavy, large packages, then you should pay attention to the scale’s maximum weight. It would be worse than a hassle to purchase a scale only to realize that it isn’t reading how much your items weigh. It could result in a huge loss of money.

So start the purchase with an idea of what you will routinely place on the scale. An elephant can weigh up to 14,000 lbs. Imagine trying to weigh one on your platform scale and see if it can work.

Measure Your Measurements – How Precise Do You Need It?

If you load a lot of the same items, it can be useful to have a precise scale. One that tells you whether an item is .1 lb. different from another of the same kind can save you a lot of hardship. By getting a precise scale, you can measure differences between the same products.

You will also be able to tell if something may be wrong with a particular package. If you’re used to a particular item weighing one amount, but a package containing it weighs another, then you should know to check it. A precise scale can help you make sure you’re delivering what you need to without any issues.

Scales Should Help Scale up Your Business

With a platform scale, your business should be more streamlined, efficient, and just grow faster. Having one makes your life easier since records can be written quicker and with more detail. It also makes your employees lives easier since they just load a package onto the platform to weigh something.

However, picking the right one can be difficult. Costs can vary, and different platform scales are suited for different kinds of businesses. A good way to start thinking about which scale to purchase is by browsing what’s available.

Yet, nothing beats talking with a person for help on your purchase. Contact us, and one of our experts will discuss your unique situation with you so that you get the scale you need. It’s the first step in creating a more efficient and growing business.