Are you trying to decide whether owning a modern set of mechanical scales will be beneficial for your business? If the answer to that question is yes, then you may be wondering how exactly to go about choosing the right scales for your business.

Not to worry! We’ve got you covered. Read on to find out what to consider when choosing the perfect scales for your business.

yamato mechanical scale

Why Might You Need Mechanical Scales?

Scales can be used across many different industries. Food and retail often use scales for portion control, though depending on your business, you may have other uses for your scales.

Consider How Much You’ll be Weighing

Depending on how much product you expect you’ll need to weigh, you’ll also need to consider a set of scales that will improve your workflow.

When greater quantities of product need to be weighed to meet a high demand, combination weighers may be the choice for you. High-speed and with greater accuracy, these high-tech machines are a hefty investment. However, they are worth it for the features they offer.

Most commonly made from highly hygienic stainless steel, they can often weigh up to 150kgs of product.

What to Look for in Mechanical Scales

For most businesses, an average set of mechanical scales will do the job well enough. So, when choosing your set, what features should you keep an eye out for?

Accuracy and Speed

In order to accurately measure the weight of your products and improve your work speed, you want a highly effective fine point indicator. This will mean there’s no mistake how heavy or light something is when you weigh it. Spring mechanisms also contribute to the accuracy.

NSF or NTEP Certification

NSF-certified products offer quality assurance. Being NSF certified also means that you have a public health and safety guarantee. You can rest assured that the company producing and selling an NSF-certified product has to comply with strict standards and procedures.

All of the scales we sell are NSF or NTEP certified for commercial use. This means they meet the requirements expected of them after thorough and successful evaluation.

Easy to Read

Easy-to-read, tilted 30-degree dials mean that with our commercial scales, you can’t go wrong. Many of our mechanical models also have color-coded rotating charts which make for easier weight readings.

Sturdy Construction

To get the maximum amount of use out of your set of scales, you want to make sure you go for one with a durable design. All of our scales are made from high-grade, rugged stainless steel, so you know they can take some knocks and bumps without causing them to break or do a lesser job.


Easy assembly and deconstruction is also an excellent feature to be found in our many different styles of scales, whether big or small. Many of our mechanical scales offer the option of removable steel platforms and bowls for ease of use.

Learn More About Our Scales

Interested in learning more about the scales we have on offer? Feel free to browse our products to find the right weighing solution to suit your business needs. And for any further questions, feel free to contact us today!