Food packaging is one of the most important aspects of the food industry, yet it is one that consumers often overlook. Food industry professionals, however, are always looking for ways to make their product packing more efficient.

For all categories of food, packaging machines are usually the best way to get the job done. Of course, different types of food require different types of packaging. Obviously, the best packaging for meat is certainly not the best packaging for cookies!

Distributors are tasked with the difficult job of both extending shelf life and guaranteeing food safety. And these goals are largely accomplished by packaging.

food packing machine wrapping product in commercial setting

Check out these categories of food packaging machines before you decide which is best for your food product category.

Filling and Capping

One of the newer machines on the market, filling and capping allows distributors to package liquid products in capped, liquid pouches.

Spouted packages like these have become popular for storing everything from juices and water to cleaning liquids. This may be because they don’t take up as much space as traditional packaging, which makes them appealing to producers and storefronts alike.

Vertical Form Fill Seal

This new type of machine is one of the most convenient on the market right now. Since it creates, fills, and seals pouches, it saves time and improves the food safety of the product.

The vertical form fill seal machine’s automated, assembly-line design is ideal for packing industry professionals focused on safety and efficiency.

Tube Filling

Tube packaging is used for liquid and cream products, like toothpaste. These machines can often fill and seal dozens of tubes per minute. If choosing one, remember that you should be able to choose whatever tube you prefer, be it plastic, aluminum, or laminate.

Vacuum Sealing

This specialized food packaging machine is perfect for manufacturers who want to increase food store time. And using clear film allows consumers to see the product before they purchase it.

These machines create airtight seals that help food products last three to five times longer than other packaging methods. Vacuum seals also help control food temperature, further reducing chances for food spoilage.


Checkweighing machines determine whether packages are incorrectly filled with product, which is vital for preventing product loss. And, because some products require a specific weight to meet health and safety standards, checkweighing machines are essential for preventing noncompliance when packaging food products.

Other Equipment

Food packing options are nearly endless. With so many types of food that have specific packaging requirements, there are many other types of machines used for specific food products. For instance:

  • A biscuit packaging machine uses a temperature controller to achieve a specific temperature.
  • A banding machine is best for large quantities.
  • A bagging machine is popular for cereals and powders.
  • Capping machines are often used for bags and pouches.
  • Closing machines use metal wire to tie bags and pouches.
  • Accumulation machinery helps the capping machine align the containers being filled.

For All Categories of Food

Food safety regulations are only getting more strict, which increases the pressure on food industry leaders. Additionally, food producers demand more uniquely packaged products to keep consumer attention. To meet these ever-changing demands, distributors need to know how food packaging machines can best accommodate all categories of food.

Whatever your food product, Yamato likely has a machine to meet your needs. Before you purchase, explore our many food packaging machines or contact us today for more information.