Based in Ukiah, California, The Baking Company of Ukiah is a division of Pamela’s Products. The company is known for producing and packaging natural and gluten-free snack foods. These high-quality snack foods include cookies, crackers, and baking mixes that are sold in retail and to foodservice customers. Pamela’s Products prides itself on using eco-friendly packaging that is recycled or recyclable and printed with soy ink.

Pamela’s Products was experiencing difficulty on the bagging line and it was clear they were in need of an upgrade in machinery. The company began searching for a quality solution and found one in Yamato Americas and Triangle Package Machinery Company. Alana Rouse, Vice President of Operations for Pamela’s Products, declared that “Through some fellow cookie and cracker manufacturers, we were hearing good things about the Model XYS08 continuous-motion vertical form/fill/seal bagging equipment from Triangle Package Machinery Co. coupled with the Yamato ADW-A-0314S scale from Yamato Americas. We decided to evaluate the equipment in terms of usefulness for our operations.”

Rouse and her colleagues quickly came to the conclusion that partnering with Yamato was the way to go. The Triangle XYS08, when partnered with the 14-head Yamato weigh scale can fill up to 150 snack bags a minute. The machine has a fast bag size and style changeover capability that allows it to function flawlessly. The machinery can handle a variety of bag sizes, from 2.5 to 8 inches wide and accommodate supported and unsupported films. The weigh scale also allows for bag sealing in heat seal or ultrasonic cold seal. In addition, the duo of The Triangle XYS08 and the 14-head Yamato weigh scale results in a fairly compact piece of machinery that doesn’t take up much space.

Pamela’s Products knew that Yamato’s speed and quality would keep them at the top of the snack food game. The new machinery was installed in November of 2016, and the company could see and feel the difference right away. Rouse expressed her pleasure with the product, stating that “Installation of the new bagger/weigher system made an immediate impact on the amount of finished packages we could produce. Right now, we are using the system for 1 oz to 9 oz packages, and they are high quality and high integrity. On average, we are running about 45-50 bags per minute for the 9 oz bags as opposed to our previous rates of 25 bags per minute. So we’ve doubled our bagging speeds.”

As you can see, trusting in Yamato made all the difference for the team over at Pamela’s Products. If you’re seeking quality and speed in packaging, Yamato is here to help you as well. We offer a wealth of information on the machinery you need to increase your company’s efficiency and stay at the top of your game.

(Quote Source – Packaging World)